Nails packaging line

This is the nails weighing machine line we customized for our customer from Algeria . His requirement is to save the labor cost as it’s very expensive. The machine need to finished all process instead of labor…

weighing machine into bag

We received the inquiry from this customer in USA about 3 month ago and he need us to provide the automatic packing solution for his small screws. The length is about 40 mm , 100g~1000g/ bag, his company LOGO and the product information need to be printing on the bag . Accuracy is about 1~3 pcs/bag, speed is 20~30bag /min , so we introduced the below multihead weighing machine .

Fastener packaging machine

This is the machine we made for our customer from Russia.They are famous fasteners manufacture in Russia , the product including the screws, nails, washer, nut, bolt and they need about 40 staff to weighing and put the product into the bag. Slow and quantity is wrong . There were 7 different kind of items in one bag at most so we custmized the below counting machine with 7 vibrating bowl for them.

Furniture accessories packaging machine

Today we introduce one of our standard accessories counting packing machine widely used in the furniture filed.After staff put the enough screws ,plug,door hinge,eccentric gear , eccentric rod furniture accessories into each vibrating hopper and input the quantity for each part then machine will begin to counting and packing the parts into one bag , finish sealing, cutting , printing is optional if you need.

Screws linear weighing machine

This is another kind of weighing machine for small volume bag . This customer required the machine should be not so big as his factory is not enough space .

Product: screws, bolt, but

Weight: 100~500g/bag

Speed:10~30 bag/min

Tea packing machine

Tea bag packing machine, Machine fully automatically measuring ,making inner bag ,filling, sealing with thread and tag, packed with outside bag . It is widely used in the tea ,granule, powder packing , nice and convenient.

Counting packing machine in Indonesia

This is counting packing machine with 10 hoppers we made for our customers from Indonesia  .It help them counting the different kind of parts like screws, wooden, nuts, washer, plug into the bag according to their quantity and kinds of product requirement.Save cost!Each hopper is separately controlled ,staff can edit the parameter on the touch screen, use fridendly. Change the quantity or speed.

Nylon pyramid tea bag machine in UK

It is suitable for packing drinks granules in pyramid/triangle bag with outer envelop automation precision equipment,such as green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee,health tea, herbal tea.This unit can perform either three sides sealing or triangle tea-bag.