Screws linear weighing machine

This is another kind of weighing machine for small volume bag . This customer required the machine should be not so big as his factory is not enough space .

Product: screws, bolt, but

Weight: 100~500g/bag

Speed:10~30 bag/min

Tea packing machine

Tea bag packing machine, Machine fully automatically measuring ,making inner bag ,filling, sealing with thread and tag, packed with outside bag . It is widely used in the tea ,granule, powder packing , nice and convenient.

Counting packing machine in Indonesia

This is counting packing machine with 10 hoppers we made for our customers from Indonesia  .It help them counting the different kind of parts like screws, wooden, nuts, washer, plug into the bag according to their quantity and kinds of product requirement.Save cost!Each hopper is separately controlled ,staff can edit the parameter on the touch screen, use fridendly. Change the quantity or speed.

Nylon pyramid tea bag machine in UK

It is suitable for packing drinks granules in pyramid/triangle bag with outer envelop automation precision equipment,such as green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee,health tea, herbal tea.This unit can perform either three sides sealing or triangle tea-bag.

Double chamber tea bag packing machine

The tea bag machine Model DXDC10 is a kind of automatic and intelligent double chamber machine. It makes double chamberfilter bags which are cold-sealed. The machine links up hard tag, thread and filter bag with staple. The outer envelope is cold-sealed or heat-sealed, and it is controlled by PLC. The end products are counted, grouped and packed into box automatically.

Semi-automatic weighing machine for 1 tons

Working process: manual giving the bag to the outlet-automatic bag clamped-automatic feeding-automatic weighing-automatic discharge into the jumbo bag-automatic bag release-finished bag conveying out of the packing machine by the jumbo bag conveyor-remove by the forklift.