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  • Packing Machine For Desiccant Of Automobile Condenser 

    Customer Requirement We are making automobile parts for Ford and Mazda. Now I have a chance to get some orders for Avtovaz (Russia) about desiccant. So, I request a quotation (Automatic packing MC with welding) from your company. It has to be 220v 50Hz. Just put XH-7 or XH-9 on…

  • Meat Snacks Packaging Equipment With Multi-head Doser Russia

    The customer is exploring the possibility of implementing automated packaging for the Ryabchik meat snacks. These snacks consist of dried slices of chicken breast fillet infused with spices. We are examining various packaging options for these snacks, considering packages weighing 30 and 50 grams. The specific dimensions of the package…

  • Preparation Work Before Choose Case Erector

    Are you looking to optimize your packaging operations? Choosing the right case erector machine is crucial for enhancing efficiency and productivity in your facility. To ensure the smooth operation of the machine, here are some key points to consider: 1. Box Dimensions Don’t just give a size range but provide specific…

  • Automatic Counting Packing Machine Component Part From Malaysia

    Customer is a key supplier to the industrial and consumer packaging, automotive, electronics & electrical, and OEM custom molding industry in Malaysia. See below requirement. Product: screw pan head self-tapping, wall plug/dowel, releasing key, screw cover, plastic parts Single kind per bag Speed: 25 bags per minute like the below…

  • Non-woven Heating Bag Ultrasonic Sealing Packaging Machine For Korean Customers

    The customer is a food service company from South Korea with 20 years of management experience. It strives to provide healthy food with the best and most reliable raw materials. Our machine packs the heating powder in the self-heating pot for them. Below is their requirement. Product: Self-heating powder Machine…

  • Automatic Glass Bottles Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine (Printed film+Tray)

    We received an inquiry from Uzbekistan about bottled water heat shrink packaging equipment. They have 4 sizes of bottled water, which are wrapped in printed film and heat-shrunk in a collection packer supported by a tray. Requirements are as follows. Bottle feeding Automatic (via belt conveyor) Bottle size Φ=56mm; H=…