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Nails Packaging Machine Carton Line for Fasterner

Nails packaging line
release time :2018-03-22
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Automatically Weighing packaging line for nails 

This is the nails weighing machine line we customized for our customer from Algeria . His requirement is to save the labor cost as it’s very expensive. The machine need to finished all process instead of labor,

Feeder: elevator with enough storage bucket constantly lifting the nails from the storage bucket to the multihead weighing machine which the height is about 3M.

Weighing:Adopt 10 head multifuntion combination weigher  which the volume is 5L/per head , ensure the enough space for about 100mm nails and the speed for 10 KG/ carton.

10 head computer combination weigher adopt randomly combination between 10 heads and when it’s reach the target weight then it will open , nails will follow into the carton. If it doesn’t reach the target weight then it will reaction again , then recycle.

Worktable:it’s used to bear the weighing machine and staff is able to climb up for inspection.

Neaten machine : When the nails follow into the carton it will go through the magnetic sorting machine so nails are very neat and flatness in the carton.

Carton machine line: Staffs put about 50 pcs Carton/box in the machine,then carton/box opening machine will constantly open the box one by one and send it to the moving conveyor prepare for receiving the following nails. Carton with nails will be send to for sealing and taping.

For the details pls see below picture and video.

Nails packaging line



2~10 box/min

Measure range



box or carton







Pack material




Machine detail


Box/carton open machine

Neaten machine

Carton/box  sealing and tape machine

This machine is able to used for automatically weighing and packing into box/carton  , like nails , screws, bolt, washer, hardware, accessories, fasteners, furniture kit, plastic parts, pipe fitting .

For more details pls see the product page and youtube page.

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