Instant coffee, coffee powder , coffee granule , no matter what kind of coffee do you need to pack, you will find satisfied coffee packing machine here .

Side sealing bag and stick bag is most used for instant coffee or coffee powder. You only need to put one roll of film material on the machine and feed the enough coffee in the hopper then machine will automatically measuring filling the coffee into pouch then sealing and cut, one finished pouch is finished , date printer is additional device for you.

coffee stick bag packing machine

If you need high capacity then below multilane stick bag machine is suitable for your stick bag . Machine will make 10 pcs of bag at one time with 10 lanes of sealing model .

coffee stick bag multilane packing machine

High speed side sealing machine is popular now as it’s speed is about 500~1200 pcs/min , 3 side sealing or four side sealing for small granule like coffee sugar .

coffee packing machine high speed 500~1200 bag/min

Coffee powder pillow bag packing machine

coffee powder packing machine

Coffee powder packing machine with quad sealing

Coffee powder packing machine with quod sealing

Coffee packing machine with 10 head weigher

Coffee packing machine with 10 head weigher

Coffee packing machine with linear weigher

Coffee packing machine with linear weigher

Coffee bean Weighing machine

Coffee bean Weighing machine

Tea pot packing machine

Coffee tea packing machine

If you still have question then pls feel free to contact us , we will introduce the suitable packaging machine for you according to your fields and requirement.

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