Liquid Rotary Premade Bag Packaging Machine

Liquid Rotary Premade Bag Packaging Machine

In recent years,rotary premade pouch packaging machine gradually occupies a dominant position in the packaging market . Many advantages of premade bag, such as excellent appearance, portable filling and sealing, material and labor cost savings,make it the first choice of consumers. Premade pouch provides manufacturers with more packaging options, material handling method, and fully automated solutions.


  • Granule:grain,agricultural products,chips,sugar,soft sugar,chicken essence or hardware,toys. 
  • Liquid:detergent,soysauce,vinegar,juice,beverage,jam, chili sauce,bean paste,etc.
  • Powders:flour,seasoning,milk powder,glucose,pesticides,fertilizers,chemical seasoning./span>
  • Mixed material: Vegetable bun,fruit sauce.





Automatic rotary premade pouch packaging machine


16-50 bags/min(Depends on the material)

Bag Size Range


Filling Volume


Package Accuracy

±1g(≦100g)  ±1%(>100g)






0.6-1.2 m³/min

Gross Weight


Gross Demention


Work steps:

1.) Bag giving–Put the premade bags into the bagging part of the machine, and then suck the bags through the vacuum sucker, and transport them to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table one by one to realize the conveying of the bags.

2.) Date coding–According to the actual production and packaging needs, different types of coding machines are configured to print the date and batch number on the packaging bag.

3.) Bag opening–For the zipper bag,the vacuum sucker opens the bottom of the bag , mechanical gripper grabs the top side of the bag ,the opening jaws are parted outward to open the top of the bag, which is inflated by a blower. If the bag does not have a zipper, the vacuum sucker will still open the bottom of the bag ,but only engage the blower.
There are two sensors on the bottom of the bag to detect the situation of the bag. If the bag is not detected, the fill and seal station will not engage. If a bag is present but not placed correctly, the bag will not be filled and sealed,just remain on the rotating device until the next cycle.

4.) Filling and vibrating 1–According to different materials, different fillers are configured at this station to complete the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of materials.The filler is responsible for correctly measuring and releasing the discrete amount of product to be dripped into each premade bag.

5.)Filling and vibrating 2–Sometimes loose material need to settle to the bottom of the bag before sealing. The station can achieve the purpose by gently shaking the premade bag.

6.) Heat sealing 1–To seal the bag mouth with a couple of heat sealing air bar, the sealing pattern you can option, net or straight lines.

7.) Heat sealing 2–Cooling rods are passed over the seal to strengthen and preventing from wrinkling.

8.) Forming and products output –The finished bags are then unloaded into containers or onto conveyors which can then be transported to off-line equipment such as automatic inspection weigher, X-ray machines, the cartoning machine,case sealer etc.

Equipment Feature:

1.) The machine use premade pouch,you have more choice for the bag type and excellent appearance .Sealing good, the finished product looks high-end.
2). Eight stations rotary design ,compact and reasonable arranged in the smallest amount of space,to automatic control of a series of processes from bag-giving,coding,bag-opening,filling, sealing, and finished products. It also automatic check bag situation, filling and sealing situation to prevent waste of bags and materials.

3)The main configuration is Siemens PLC control system, touch screen can set the main parameters according to different products and set variety of languages,simple operation, and easy maintenance.

4)  The speed of this machine is adjusted by frequency conversion with the range, and the actual speed depends on type of products and pouch.
5) 5.Easy to link up with otherpackaging equipment such asmulti-heads weigher, liquid pump filler, auger/agitator fillers,feeding conveyor,platform,the cartoning machine,case sealer etc.
6) Strictly follow the mechanical standards to production, ensure the quality ,reduce late wear, reduce parts replacement.7) SUS304 stainless steel is used for the contact part with products to ensure the cleanliness of the product.

Sample picture

Sample picture:



Packing and Shipping:

Installation Service:

1 we provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.
2 we provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3 we can send technician to buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide trainning course.

After Sales Service:

1 One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.
2 Free spare parts would be supplied if machine broken within warranty period.
3 After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.