Customer is a leading Russian manufacturer of household goods and products for kids. Their product range includes ironing boards, linen dryers, shoe cases, step-ladders, folding sets of tables and chairs for kids, easels, sled strollers, etc.

Customer Requirement

Product:11 kinds of different screws nails nuts like the below pictures, and other parts are unable to count via hoppers and need to pack into the same sachet with screw nails. Need to print the lot numbers on the sachet. Need to remove the air from the bag before sealing to avoid packaging space and avoid sudden explosion of the bag during transportation. 

Our solution:

There are 12 different kinds of mix options sachet and 11 different spare parts, not including the manual place parts. Customers need to fast changeover for these different parts and mix options so 11 hoppers combined with one packing machine is suitable.PLC system controls this.

With the 2 tables, a worker can manually add some spare parts which are unable to be sorted via a hopper into the machine, so pack them into one pouch together with screws or nails.

There is an accessory that is too big and can easily get stuck in the bag former machine unless it is guaranteed to fall down in an almost vertical direction. Therefore, we recommend that customers directly put it into the entrance of the bag former, so spare parts fall down along with the slope and avoid stuck in the bag former tube.

Change options

Each hopper is independently working, you can turn on or off any one of them and set the quantity for each hopper, for example in the below picture. No. 6 and No. 12 hopper turn-off means this mix option does not need these 2 kinds of spare parts, and set the quantity for No.1 spare part is 1 pc, and No 2 is 3 pcs, No 3 is 4 pcs…. then save it as the option2. you can save 1000 different kinds of options like this and choose it when you need it, no need to edit it again.

If you are interested pls check the below operation video and machine detail pictures

Packaging & Shipping

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