Automatic Bagging Machines for Ultra-fine Powder

Application Ultrafine powder,nano-powders, lightweight material, dry material, dusty materials, materials with high air content, ultrafine graphite powder, new energy vehicle lithium battery powder positive material, negative material, lithium iron phosphate, aluminum hydroxide, coal powder, matting agent, silicon powder, carbon powder, pearlite powder, talcum powder, dye, flame retardant, wettable powder, various additives.

Automatic Bagging Machines for Ultra-fine Powder

It is used for automatic weight-reducing type degassing screw feeding of large-sized ton bales of ultra-fine powder materials according to weight requirements, with high precision and no human intervention in the measurement process, especially suitable for ultra-fine powder, nano powder 2000 mesh.

Video and Sample

Work principle and process:
The project needs to have a storage hopper, the front-end material is stored in the storage hopper, and the lower end is equipped with a butterfly valve.
The lower end of the butterfly valve has a horizontal conveying screw connecting the storage hopper and the main silo of the packaging machine.
The main silo of the packaging machine is independently weighed.
When is powered on and adjusting the filling parameters, the machine starts working, the system will first perform self-checking, and wait for manual instructions.
Manually place the bag directly under the equipment; hang the bag, put the bag mouth into the special bag clamper as required, press the button, and the bag is clamped.
Manually press Automatic to start filling: the lifting system lifts the bag to a suitable position for filling, the packaging machine silo records the starting weight, and the filling process continuously reads the current real-time weight, the original weight—the current real-time weight is completed Fill weight. When the weight of the silo is less than the lower limit, the filling will be suspended and the upper-end feeding action will be performed to automatically fill according to the weight reduction method after reaching the upper limit of the silo. When the weight close to the target value is reached, the high-speed filling is stopped, the lifting and weighing system automatically descends, and the bag is lowered to a suitable position for low-speed filling control accuracy until the target value is reached, and the filling is completed.
After the filling is completed, the lifting system lowers the packaged bags and places the vibrating platform upside down. At the same time, the dust removal system is opened to remove floating dust.
After the exhaust action is completed, the lifting cylinder puts the ton bag on the ground tray, the packaging is completed, and the manual fork is carried out, and the cycle is sequentially cycled.

Model Information:

Model WE-1000J
Measuring Weight loss type
Interface Touch-screen and human-machine interface
Material SS304(material contact part)+ Carbon steel paint
Bin volume 280L
Packing range 300~1000KG
Packaging accuracy ±0.1%
Speed 4-6bags/hour,400KG/bag
Power supply 9KW /380V 50Hz

Equipment Feature:

  1. The feeding port of the weighing buffer hopper of the packaging machine is designed with a butterfly valve to avoid the high pressure of the upper silo and the poor control of the flow rate of the material.
  2. The weighing principle of the packaging machine adopts a weight-reduction measurement method. It is a static weighing method with high sampling accuracy, and the weighing structure is independent and not disturbed by the front and rear factors.
  3. Special degassing and exhausting devices are used to ensure material filling compactness and greatly reduce dust.
  4. The internal structure is processed without any risk of falling foreign objects.
  5. The cylinder-type lifting mechanism can lift the ton bag to a high position for refilling, reducing the drop of the material, and thereby reducing the amount of material backlash.
  6. Airbag-type bag clamping mechanism, general high-pressure air inflates the colloidal airbag to form an absolute sealing structure with the outer ring, preventing the material from running out of dust during the cutting process.
  7. There is a layer of air passage between the feeding pipe and the bag holder. The blower function can be realized after bagging (optional); The pulse dust removal function can be realized during the unloading process and before taking the bag.

Other models recommend

  • Superfine Powder Degassing Spiral Packaging Machine

Packing specification: 5-50KG     Accuracy±10-50 grams    Packing speed: 1-3 packs/min

1. The special degassing device can discharge the air contained in the fine powder, to ensure the high density of the material after filling, and the material sedimentation process is required. More materials can be loaded into the finished bag.
2. The special degassing device can discharge the air contained in the fine powder, which can ensure that the material at the discharge port is filled into the bag in a cluster state, and the dust will be greatly reduced.
3. The body material is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more wear-resistant.
4. The servo motor drives the pallet up and down, and the lifting height and speed can be set arbitrarily, which reduces the drop between the filling port and the material surface and cooperates with the effect of degassing. Basically, no dust is released to pollute the environment during the entire filling process.
5. Floating dust recovery negative pressure cover can collect a small amount of floating dust into the dust collector to achieve an absolute dust-free filling process.
6. The degassing anti-leakage valve can ensure that there will be no dripping of ultra-fine powder.
7. A weight sensor is installed under the container tray, and the fast and slow filling is carried out according to the preset weight to ensure precision.
8. servo motor and the servo-driven control screw, with stable performance and high precision.
9. PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface display is easy to operate.
10. The filling head is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the height, which can easily realize various specifications of packaging.

  • Full Automatic Superfine Powder Filling Vacuum Setting and Sealing All-in-one Machine







Installation Service
1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the installation process.
2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service
1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.
2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.
3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.