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Automatic Counting Packing Machine Component Part From Malaysia

Customer is a key supplier to the industrial and consumer packaging, automotive, electronics & electrical, and OEM custom molding industry in Malaysia. See below requirement.

Product: screw pan head self-tapping, wall plug/dowel, releasing key, screw cover, plastic parts

Single kind per bag

Speed: 25 bags per minute like the below samples and quantity per bag

Our solution

The spare parts are standard and we have made similar packing machine many times before, the key problem is speed. Single spare parts for each bag, if we keep the previous idea then we will turn on the screw hopper only and turn off the other hoppers so the machine counts and pack screws in each bag, after finished packing the screws, then we turn off the screw hopper and turn on wall plug hopper so machine counting and pack wal plug each bag, if like this mode packing machine always waiting for one-hopper to finished counting then begin working, waste time. For example, a screw hopper counting 20 pcs screw, takes about 10s, but the packing machine only takes 2s to seal the bag, so the 8s is waste for the packing machine. So we try to add one store box for each hopper before following into the packing machine, we can turn on 4 hoppers at the same time so hoppers can count the 4 different spare parts at the same time when one hopper is finished counting then the spare parts fall into store box first waiting for the packing machine sealing. So it becomes a packing machine always to working as there always spares parts waiting for sealing in store box. Sealing bag takes 2.4s then means the speed is 60/2.4=25 bags per minute. The problem is the different parts finished bag are all mixed, you can manually split them or you can add a split conveyor.

Our machine video

Our machine PLC system is very flexible.

You can select link sachet or single sachet, just click the keyboard buttons on the touch screen like in the below picture. When you choose to turn on all hoppers and wait for packing, there are also 2 modes. One is A in turn and the other is B who falls first and then begins packing first, click the screen button below. The A mode means that the vibrating hopper store box releases materials for packaging according to the physical hopper position so that the 4 types of ABCD parts queues take turns waiting for packaging. The B mode means that the vibrating hopper counts according to the actual completion speed, first to be finished counting, then first to pack. This speed is the fastest, but there will be some problems. When one of the vibrating hoppers is slow to count and the quantity is large for each bag, then this hopper has no chance to fall parts into the packaging, unless the time for finished counting of 4 hoppers is close to each other, the 4 hoppers can have the same chance for packing. However, the finished bags for each hopper’s spare parts are different based on the actual situation.

When all the hoppers finished counting and always waiting for the packing machine sealing, the A and B modes are the same. Both are determined by the machine packaging speed, generally 2.4s. In this case, it is recommended to choose the A model. So we can ensure the finished spare parts bags are the same.

Link sachet packing/single sachet packing/order packing/ disorder packing photos and videos are shown below.

Order packing

Disorder packing

Link sachet

We suggest bag length be enough, when spare parts are not bigger then easy stuck in the bag-former, or sealing the part when sealing the bag.

Package & Shipping

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