Automatic Glass Bottles Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine (Printed film+Tray)

We received an inquiry from Uzbekistan about bottled water heat shrink packaging equipment. They have 4 sizes of bottled water, which are wrapped in printed film and heat-shrunk in a collection packer supported by a tray.

Requirements are as follows.

Bottle feeding Automatic (via belt conveyor)
Bottle size Φ=56mm; H= 220mm     Φ=61mm; H= 239mm          Φ=63mm; H= 275mm     Φ=77mm; H= 325mm
Production Efficiency 100-150 Bottles/min (3000 – 5000 bottles per hour,              3×5 or 4×6 bottles on each package)
Packing size Max: W=350mm; L=550mm; H= 400mm
Packaging scheme
Carton tray Automatic tray forming, tray height30-90mm
Shrinking film PE, LDPE, 0.03-0.15mm, printed film

Our Solution

Introduction Of The Main Components

1. Infeeding Conveyor
It ensures continuous bottle supply conveying them by space mesh chain driven by one motor with frequency control system. The feeding components are controlled by photoelectric mode.

2. Bottle Alignment and Grouping
The bottles are aligned and grouped to form a pack. Bottle separating by using finger type controlled by servo motor, steady bottle separating. Inspected bottles through this area will be separated into groups.
Divider plate: to prevent the bottle disorder after grouping.
Bottle pushing: Steadily push the grouped bottles to the film winding area and ensure their smooth operation. It adopts a double chain driven mode to maintain absolute synchronization with the host, avoiding impacts on bottle groups caused by unsynchronized running which will further cause bottle collapse in the pushing part and finally lower the production

3. Film Unwinding System
The film unwinding system is driven by a servo, which synchronizes the film unwinding with the operation of the bottle group to avoid bottle inversion. Moreover, the film length can be adjusted independently to adapt to different bottle types.
External conveying device send the wrapped bottle group into the oven, which is the heat denaturation tunnel.

4. Wrapping Section
Film Tensile Components, the rocker film tension device is equipped with a sensor. Keep the film in a state of appropriate tension.
Pre-cut Film Combination: cut the film into the required length at the central in advance, and then convey them upside down by rubber rollers until to the bottom of the bottle groups.
Automatic packaging combination: it consists of a synchronous motor and synchronous belt. After semi-finished products are sent into this area, unwind the pre-cut film into each bottle group based on the signal direction. Sensor to control bottle feeding.
Photoelectric probe: control bottles into bottle separating lane as required.
Manual film replacement: when a roll of film is used up, an operator cements a new roll with the rest film to keep continuously running.

5. Shrink Tunnel
Equipped with a central heating shrink tunnel, which will be divided into front and back two sections, heaters fixed on the top of the tunnel, there are fan wheels driven by two motors, hot air blowing through the tunnel bottom and heating chamber, forming a hot air recycling.

6. Touchscreen Control Panel
User-friendly touchscreen control panel for easy setup, operation, and monitoring of the packaging process.

7. Safety Features
Emergency stop buttons and sensors are typically integrated to ensure the protection of operators and prevent accidents.

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