Customer’s Request for Automatic Packing Machine Kit Packaging Line

We are searching for a mounting kits packaging line for our production.

Tech requirements are next:

Possible kits varieties – 17

The total quantity of components feeders – 20

Total parts in each kit – 1-22

Different parts per each kit 1 -8

Control system (checkware/visual etc.)

Max packaging size – 40*60mm (or your minimum alternative)

Adjustable package size dependable on kit type

Package labeling (sticker with kit type info and date, QR code is acceptable)

Attached you can find a file with components and kit descriptions.

In general, we are planning to install up to 5 lines.

Waiting for your offer with price, delivery terms, and support info.

Thank you in advance and waiting for your reply.

Our solution

This is our customer from Ukraine who specializes in security systems like Intrusion protection, Fire detection, Water leak prevention, Comfort & Productivity.

According to their above requirement, they need one machine to pack the different kinds of kit into bags. There is a total of about 20 different kinds of spare parts, and about 17 kinds of different kits,1~8 kinds of different parts in the same bag, so means the machine should be very dexterous free combination faster when changeover for different kit bags. So we recommend our below machine 16 hoppers with middle conveyor and small packing machine.

Each hopper independently works and you can control them via a touch screen, so easily combine the different hopper work or not pack different kits at different times. There are some parts difficult to count by the hopper so we add a one-meter manual work table, and workers can put the part into the machine for packing. We consider customers will need the link chain bag in the future,  so we designed 2 kinds of working modes in the PLC control system, one kind is a mix pack, with all different spare parts counted and packed into the same bag. The second is a kit link bag means each different part is in a different bag and links together so be a link bag for one kit installation. Pls see the below machine video.

Customer’s Question & Our Answer

1 Q: We want 16 hoppers for each of them filled with each detail we need to pack. It doesn’t mean they all will work at the same time, but they will start when we need them. It will help us to save the time required to reload the hopper.

A: Yes, I know you will use some of the hoppers at one time, you can directly turn off or on the hopper so choose which hopper working or not via the touch screen, you can also save the options so you can directly use the previous option no need to edit again.

2. Q:  Speed. Our monthly volume is about 120K packages. In your quotation, the speed indicated for the hopper is about 100~300pcs of parts/min. We need your machine to pack an average of 13 packages/min. Is it possible according to the parameters of our packages?

A: Yes, the speed is 100~300 pcs, and the average speed is 8~15 packages /min. If the monthly volume is about 120k packages then 1 set machine should be ok.

  1. Q: Is it possible to pack non-magnetic details on it? (plastic or adhesive tape pieces?)

A:  Sure, metal parts or plastic parts, all products except products interwind each other like or too big or too heavy or hard to move in the hopper.

  1. Q: Is it possible to add one working place for a person who will add non-standard parts?

A: Yes, we have 2 options for adding non-standard parts.

Option 1 Add a one-meter middle conveyor with a small table beside it so workers can sit on it and put the parts into the moving middle conveyor box for packing.  one-meter worktable is enough for 2 workers to manually put products into the middle conveyor on each side. It’s more convenient but adds little cost and increases the machine space.

Option 2 Add a small hopper just above the packing machine, so when the other products fall into the packing machine then the worker put the products into it, the machine will begin to seal only after detecting the worker’s action. It’s very simple and at no cost but worker not so convenient.

  1. Q: Lead time – the question is how to decrease the lead time.

A: For the lead time, as we have full orders on schedule now, so 45 days is already our fastest production time recently. Since we received your deposit and your samples. we need samples so we can begin to make the hopper, hopper takes the most time to produce then we can install the machine together for the next step. so our production time is from deposit and sample arrival.

6 Q: Samples for production

A: Pls prepare the sample and send it to us so we can make the hopper now once our accountant checks the deposit. About 500~1000 pcs each kind so we can test machine speed and accuracy, we will send these samples together with the machine to you.

7. Q: Who will support us with technical questions? Can we get a contact? Preferably WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram.  Supervision via video conference during installation (as free of charge option)

A: Sure, we will make an installation video and operation video when the machine prepares for shipping and show you first. if you are interested you can see our previous video first. For the installation, the machine was almost not disassembled, the plug of each hopper was into the middle conveyor only.

We have an after-service group on WeChat, and our engineer doesn’t know English, so we will translate, we are in a group, pls let me know your WeChat number, my WeChat number is 8613660767956. Whatsapp is not stable in China, when facing video it will always stuck.

8 Q: We also want additional spare parts (to avoid Your line stoppage) to be included in your offer (as a free-of-charge solution).

  1. Q: Should it be 220V or 380V? 1 or 3 phases?

A: 220v   1 phase

10. Q: About pneumatics – what volume of air is needed and its purity? How many connection points?

A: Power 7kw

11. Q: The size of the working area and free area? What size room do we need?

A: The dimension for all set machines is L12M*W2.2M  including the finished conveyor and end weigher.

  1. Q: We need a decision on removing air from the bags before soldering.(either the roller or not complete soldering) About the pinhole device – it’s not clear to us from the picture. Is there the corner not completely sealed or did you make a hole with a pin? – if so then both options are Ok for us

A: we add a needle at the sealing parts so it will make a needle pin when sealing the bags.

13  Q: We need in the line a printer which will print on the package’s date, name, and barcode, is it possible? print size – not more than 30х40мм

A: Yes, you can add the thermal printer, it will print the name barcode or logo for you, pls see the below video. According to your above printing content and size range, we suggest WE-05 which has a printing size range of 53*70mm, if WE-03 which a printing size range of 32*50mm too close to your size of 30*40mm, if change the printer direction then the color tape easy fracture.

This printer with software is able to print different content on each bag like the below video, but each bag length should be the same, and printing content is one circle for one link bag, print will fully automatically print the circle content.

Q: How quickly does the print head wear out? Do I need to have a spare print head?

A: The official result is that after the print head is normally used for about 40-60 kilometers of ribbon, there may be a lack of normal wear and tear. It is about 100 rolls of ribbon.

14  Q: Weight checking in the end. What exactly information do you need? The weight of the package or the weight of the pcs? As we have WE-200-2 for the final weighing, it means it will check the final weight of the bag, not the pcs, right?

A: We use a hopper to count the products first, and this is unable to ensure 100% right quantity even add a detect box below each hopper, so we add final end weighing checker. Let me show you how it works with a sample. When the machine packs MK4 bags(8 kinds of different products in the same bag), then means there are 8 hoppers working and counting different screws or other products packed into one bag, according to your sample the total bag weight is 0.57*4+0.7*4+0.54*4+0.92*4+?*3+0.41*1+0.18*1+0.21*1=11.72 g and the smallest weight unit is 0.18g. so if one pc is more or less then means the total bag weight is 0.18g less or more at least. so we need to set the target weight to be 11.72g and tolerance is below+-0.18g like +-0.1g  as there are other your product’s tolerance itself. when the finished bag moves through the end weigher checker, the weight is in this range of 11.72+-0.18g then means qty is right if the weight is over this range then means there is one or more pcs more or less, the machine will reject this bag to another side. so it required the end weigher checker accuracy to be about 0.1g, not the 0.5g you mentioned before.WE-200-2 is not suitable. There are many different models according to the accuracy and bag size and bag weight range. So we need you to confirm this information again so we can confirm the model for you.

15 About Film

Q1: What is the length of the film in the roll in mm?

A1:This we call film width, it’s according to your bag width, for example, 40*60 then the film width is (40+10)*2=100mm,80*120 then the film width is (80+10)*2=180mm, the maximum film width for this machine model is 320mm, means bag width 150mm, if you change bag width then have to change one small bag former, you can change bag length via touch screen.

Q2:Is this length the same for both types of package (40mm x 60mm and 80 mm x 120mm)?

A2:No, different, like the above explanation.

Q3: According to Our consumptions for packages – 120k per month You indicate the consumption of the film40х60mm packages –   30kg/month – is it for 120k pcs of this package per month?

A3: Yes,  30kg/month 80*120mm package 100kg/month – is it for 120k pcs of this package per month yes,  100kg/month

Q4:  Also, we have a question about the film that will be used in this machine. Could you please tell me the parameters of the film you use? Can you tell us the manufacturer of it and where we can buy it further?

A4: The material of the film is Bopp, opp, pe pet, and the thickness is 0.04~0.05mm is enough for your packages.It’s ok, we can show you the factory now, below is the email.

Q5: The dimensions of the reel – the inside diameter of the roll film is 70mm, and the outside diameter of the roll film is normally about  350mm.

A5: The width of the reel is:  – 100 mm for package 40*60mm.   –  180 mm for package 80*120mm

Q6: Can you please accept this and inform us of the details of why you chose this film? We understand that the 0.05 mm film is cheaper. But there were some problems with 0.06 mm film. How are the  0.05 mm packages welded, are they strong enough? Can you send us some photos?

A6: 0.05 mm film and 0.06 mm film are the same material only film thickness difference. For your products, 0.05 mm thickness is enough so we suggest this. The film is all hot sealing welding, strong enough.

Q7: Also please check the size and other demands of the packing material for our machine so we can order it.

A7: you have ordered 2 bag widths so 2 film width:100mm and 180mm  For the 100 mm we don’t know which exact products you need to pack, but it’s very small we suggest you can test it first as it will stuck if it big parts follow. the diameter of the bag’s former tube is only about 20mm, if several pcs screws follow down together then easy stuck, pls use the big one. We know you are ordering the film if the bag former is too small then the film is a waste.

Packing & Shipping

Install & Operate the video for the machine

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