Box holder of Cartoning Machine

Generally, there are three types of box holders for cartoning machines, horizontal, vertical, and inclined. Our cartoner machine adopts the inclined box holder.

(1) Horizontal type

As shown in Figure a), the carton holder is placed horizontally, and the carton is stored vertically. The suction cup sucks the carton out in the horizontal direction. After the carton is opened and formed, the suction cup rotates 90°to leave space for the carton to continue to be transported horizontally forward, which is convenient for subsequent packing. There is also a stacking board behind the carton warehouse to push the carton forward, keeping the carton in a vertical and compressed state, and the packaging carton can be continuously supplied. However, sucker movement mode and overall structure are complex and occupy relatively large space.

(2) Vertical type

As shown in Figure b), the carton warehouse is placed vertically, the carton is stored horizontally, and the suction cup only moves vertically when sucking the carton. The movement mode of the sucker of this box holder is simple, and the structure is compact. But if the carton storage quantity is too much, the lower carton “bulges” downward under the gravity of the upper cartons, and the support lever at the outlet of the box can not provide enough support to prevent the deformation of the carton, and the carton will leak from the box outlet, so the carton storage capacity of this box warehouse is limited, requiring workers to add cartons frequently.

(3) Inclined type

As shown in Figure c), the box holder is placed at a certain angle from the horizontal plane, and the carton is stored obliquely. After the carton is sucked by the suction cup, it swings at a certain angle with the swing rod. From the point of force analysis, the gravity of the carton in the carton bin can be decomposed into two directions: one is the pressure perpendicular to the carton baffle, and the other is the pressure perpendicular to the stop bar below the carton bin, so the pressure on the carton baffle and the bar is relatively small, and the requirement of the material strength of the box bin is low. At the same time, it can also realize the automatic feeding of the carton.

Summing up the above, the inclined box holder is preferred as the feeding bin of the automatic cartoning machine. The inclination angle is related to the swing angle of the swing rod, it is about 30°.

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