carton folding Machine, Tray Former

A customer from Europe is looking for a carton folding machine. For their packaging details,

Base box, 500 x 500 x 50 mm

Cover box, 500 x 500 x different models from 50 to max 90 mm height

The idea is to run a base full day, then adjust the machine to fold the cover the next day, one day 50 mm heigh model, and the next day 85 heigh cover,….

They need a semi-automatic machine (different sizes to be adjusted manually), or a fully auto carton erector, change the size by pre-selecting the PLC screen, and the machine adjusts itself.

No idea what is possible in speed. if we can reach 250 to 450 pc /hour it’s ok.

All components in the electrical cabinet must be Siemens or Schneider, which they can find here in Europe if needed to replace.

Our Solution for the Big Box Folding Machine

The length and width of the box are only one size, 500*500mm, and the height can be adjusted manually, or input the height on the display screen then the machine runs automatically through upgrading the PLC program.

Tray Erector Machine Feature

  1. PLC microcomputer automatic control, man-machine interface operating system, automatic display folding box speed, quantity, failure causes, and other performance parameters.
  2. The box is put into the box rack, the equipment automatically sucks the box, and the folding ear is formed and output.
  3. The body is made of high-quality stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Brand of the main electric part of the machine 

S/NName Standard
1Touch screenSiemens
3Servo motorPanasonic
5Electrical elementSchneider Electric/Omron
6Pneumatic elementsAirtac

For more details please check our Full Automatic Tray Erctor

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