Cartoning and Case Line for nails, Nail packing machine

Customer’s Requirement:
For Screw
1.The screw sizes vary from 2.65mm x 25.4mm to 3.9mm x 114.3mm.
2. The screw unit weights vary from 1.34~ 11.5g/pcs.
3. Each inner box is packed with 1lb screws/nails.
4. Weight tolerance per box is +/-3%, speed :20~30 times per min
For Box
1. Folding box form: Same as your sample
2. Box sealing form: same as your sample
3. Box folding speed: 20-30 pieces/minute
4. Inner box size: 115.5 mm x 88.9 mm x 44.6 mm/
For Case
1. Packing quantity: 3*4 arrangement, 12 boxes/case
2. Sealing form: top and bottom seal
3. Corrugated master carton size: 362 mm x 125 mm x 144 mm
Process requirements:
Automatic box folding, glue spray molding, weighing, magnetic sorting, box loading, folding lids, box insertion, steering, unboxing, packing, and sealing.
Using cartons made of packaging materials such as B/E/F corrugated paper and 300-450g whiteboard paper is recommended. The carton indentation is generally 0.4-0.8MM deep, and the carton indentation is generally 0.6MM deep. Both cartons and cartons need to be pre-packaged—folding effect.

Our solution

There are 2 options according to production capacity

According to your screw length range, we recommend 2.5L, about 500g per box, 10-head scale about 15-20 times per minute, 14-head scale about 20-30 times per minute. The speed of a cartoning line is 20~30 boxes per minute. Still, the speed of a single magnetic sorting machine is about 10 boxes per minute, so if the production capacity requires 10`15 boxes, it is recommended that 10 heads of 2.5L weighing be equipped with a single magnetic sorter For sorting machines if the production capacity requires 15`25 boxes, it is recommended that a 14-head 2.5L scale be equipped with two magnetic sorting machines.

There are 2 options according to box type

#1 According to your sample box type, the folding box and box inserting machine can retain your window design, and customers can repeatedly open and take out the screws and then close the box. The cost of the box sealing machine will be lower, but a corner labeling machine must be added to fix the sealing. After the box is installed with screws, 2~3cm should be reserved from the sealing height so that the tongue can be inserted into the box smoothly.

#2 Glue spray box, if glue is sprayed on 3 sides, the box window will be blocked, and the cost of the box sealing machine will be higher. You can consider keeping your carton drawings, but the tongue that inserts the box becomes adhesive and sticks to the outside of the box. This way you can keep the window and don’t need a corner labeling machine. And the cost of spraying glue on one side is lower than spraying glue on three sides.

#3 The cost of the bottom buckle plus insert box, box opening machine, and box sealing machine is relatively low, but the hardware products are not so strong.

This quotation is for a 10-head 2.5L magnetic sorting machine with a single set of insert boxes. The entire line speed is about 10 boxes/minute.


Cartoning machine process

Case loading process

Feature description:

1. Put the box into the box rack, the equipment automatically sucks the box, sprays glue to form the folding ears, and transports it to the boxing mechanism.

2. Manually put the screws into the hopper, lift them to the automatic weighing machine through the vibrating belt, weigh them according to the set weight, load them into the hopper, and pack them into boxes. The screws fall into the middle of the box and are sorted by the magnetic sorting machine. After the magnetic sorting machine is powered off, the screws fall into the box and remain basically in order.

3. After the cartoning is completed, enter the folding and cartoning machine for folding, box insertion, and finished product output.

4. Corner labeling is completed when the cartons are transported to the sorting and cartoning machine

5. The cartons are transported to the sorting and cartoning mechanism for automatic sorting, unpacking, packing and sealing (one-word sealing).

6. Using a servo/stepper motor, touch screen, and PLC programmable control system, the human-machine interface display is clearer and easier to operate, has a high degree of automation, and is more humane.

For more information please check our fastener weighing machine

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