Cartoning machine and Case packer line

Project: Cartoning machine and Case packer line

The factory produces biscuits and has 3 sets of Horizontal flow wrapping machines to wrap the products, then workers put OPP wrappers into the inner box and corrugated case.

The capacity reaches 600-680 wrappers per minute when the 3 machine run at the same time producing one biscuits type, the factory plan to introduce Auto -packaging system in order to improve the back-end packaging efficiency.

Auto-packaging system

  1. Robot system to collect the product and put it in the inner box
  2.  Machine to close and seal the inner box
  3. Machine to pick up the inner box and put it in the Corrugated carton box.
  4.  Machine to close and seal the Corrugated carton box
  5. Palletizer robot


1. If meet the speed of 600-680pcs/min, we should use the robot hands to collect the product and put it in the inner box.

The spider hand speed is 80 wrappers /min, then the total needs about 8 Sets.

  1. Cartoning machine

The inner box is not a standard two-sided sealing type, need the machine automatically folds the 3 flaps and closes the lid by hot-melt gluing. The cost is higher and the speed is slower compares to the standard cartoning machine.

If the inner box only has one size, the caroning machine in the video is suitable, the speed is about 25 boxes/min.

We recommended to you another model if the cartoning machine should be compatible with different inner box sizes. It adjusted the track guide of the machine to fit boxes of different sizes.

*Inner box can change if the product number increased or decreased, and the outer box accordingly.

3. Case packer line

The Case packer line consists of a case erector machine, a loading machine, and a case sealer. This line automatically collected inner boxes according to your requirement loading them into the case and sealing the case with tape. You can also add the weigher checker, labeling machine, POF shrink wrap machine, robot, and palletizer.

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