Cartoning Machine for Beer Cans From CA

This is a customer from CA, they need our fully automatical cartoning machine to pack their beer cans into the box,4 cans or 6 cans per box at different times. They want our folding box machine to connect with their production machine beer can filling capping label line, but their production space is limited. They need to print some date information on the box. We can also offer the case erector machines after cartoner.

Customer Requirement

Item Requirement Remark
1 Product (Picture) Beer can
2 Volume per Can 4 pack of 473ml cans (American 16 oz.)6 pack of 355ml cans (American 12 oz.)
3   Box size

16OZ 4 cans  Size:L 132*W132*H157.23mm12OZ 6 cans Size:L 198*W132*H122.22mm

So we suggest the sample box inside dimensions is

16OZ 4 cans Size:L 132*W132*H158mm

12OZ 6 cans Size:L 198*W132*H123mm

4 Speed requirement 5000 cans per hour.
5 Power: v/hz Single phase 220v 50/ 60Hz
6 Picture of plug
7 Printer/sticker content and size range Canné/Canned03 MR 2023

Print at box bottom

Customer beer filling and label line

The automatic cartoning machine we made for this customer

Cartoning Machine Drawing

 Customer beer sample

Automatic cartoners details

This is an electronic eye for box material, when it detected that the box is less then it will alarm to inform worker to add the box in time.

When you put the box on the machine, pls pay attention to this direction, and the shelf with handwheel so easily changed for different size box

We customized the push device according to the customer’s beer can which is cylinder shape and a little heavy, so the below shape will stably and smoothly push the beer cans into a box. If use a normal square one then the 6 pcs cans easily fall down.

We use customized suck according to your box material so ensure the box open rate is close to 100%.

Adjustable distance so suitable for different size products in a certain range.

Cartoning equipment stop working and alarm if the door is open to avoid any injury.

The Cartoner packaging machine adds an external socket so it’s safe and convenient to connect some devices. With moving casters and fixed cups so simply move the machine if needed.

Mobile Siemens touch screen, easy adjust the parameter.

Add rolls at the glue stick position to help the machine seal the box firmly.

For more machine details pls see our product page for cardboard box folding machines.

Customer question & our answer

1. Q: My worry is that my employee will not be able to keep the same speed as the machine(when manual feed), what will happen if one of the conveyor compartments does not have beer cans in it – will it stop the conveyor? At what position will the empty compartment stop? -How slowly can we run the machine – can we reduce the speed a lot?

—The conveyor is always moving controlled by the motor, but the sucker picks up and opens the box only when the sensor detects the products in the compartments to prevent an empty box. You can change the speed via touch screen, normally from 10~30 boxes per min.

2. Q: Is the machine capable of packing both 4*16oz and 6*12oz at different times? would it be possible to have the machine delivered fully calibrated for the 4-pack box of 16 oz cans? This is the box we are going to use this year. We will probably not use the 6-pack for a while.

—Yes, the machine is compatible with cases of different sizes within a certain range. See the below youtube video for different box size changeovers at 13:42s.Sure, we will keep the machine calibrated for the 4-pack box of 16 oz cans before shipping. you can change according to our operation video when you need to pack a 6-pack box of 16 oz cans.

3. Q: Can we use the conveyor belt shown at the beginning of the video below and connected it with our bottle filling line so we can save the labor cost?

—This conveyor is not suitable for your heavy beer cans, it’s suitable for 1 pcs per box and able to follow down. we think the best situation is the below drawing, push 4 or 6 cans one time, a chain belt is more durable with your heavy beer can.

* Customer factory space is not enough so haven’t added the connected conveyor finally.

4 Q: What’s the voltage that your machine works with?
— 220v 50hz/60hz single phase is workable for our machine or 380v 3phase.

5  Q: As for the glue applicator – is this a standard glue that we can easily find here in Canada?

—Yes, glue is available in Canada. Tips: When the machine reaches the target temperature you set and the light flashes, press the OK button. Pls use the right glue or high-quality glue or it will affect the sealing effect. For example, if the glue is not easily dissolved or not very sticky then the sealing part easily pops up.

6 Q: Can you suggest box material for us? pls show us the exact orientation of the design on the box template I want to be very sure I am putting the design work on the right panels.
— Normally we suggest 250~400 gsm white cardboard .350gsm white cardboard is unable to bear the 4~6pcs heavy beer cans so we have already changed 400gsm, the better Kraft cardboard. Please note carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm, with pre-folding effect so the machine is able to fold to the box smoothly. If it’s a glue box pls add concave and convex dotted lines at the glue of the box to enhance the sealing of the paste. If it’s the box with retuck then try to ensure the radian at both ends of the tongue.

It’s the sample box we made for customer:       16OZ 4 can L 132*W132*H157.23            12OZ 6 can L 198*W132*H122.22

Tip: Don’t tie the box with string too tightly, easy to warp the box. The machine easily stuck with a deformed box when opening and loading the product.

About printing text on the box, see the below picture, you can print the artwork on the upper paper.

7 Q: Do you have a machine print the below information on the box?
   16 MR 2023

I was hoping there was a way to add a date code with a simpler method like hot stamping – is this possible at all? The only hesitation I have with inkjet printers is the problems they seem to have getting clogged, etc. I asked about printer clogging problems because some date coders will clog up if you don’t use them all the time. This boxing machine will not be used for very many hours per week. Some weeks it will not be used. Will this cause an issue with the date coder in your opinion? And the cost is a lot higher to purchase too. If we had to go with inkjet, would it be possible to add a mounting bracket to the machine so we can bolt it on – something like my sketch below? Or perhaps even underneath – so we can print the bottom of the case. The bottom might be the best as we have the most space on the bottom. The portable stands are a little too easily moved or knocked over.

—If printed on the bottom of the box then you have to use that international brand, example Domino can print 4 lines, and the height is 15mm. able to print your information.

If you can accept print from the side or above then you can use the normal printer, if print from above then able to mount directly to the machine, if print from the side then need one more conveyor like video.

Adjust the Printer nozzle position. Please try to put the middle of the conveyor so the printing content effect would be better.

The Printer frame with a foot valve is able to fix the ground with a screw to avoid the printing position being offset due to the shaking caused by the impact of a large force.

If you are worried about clogging problems then it’s better to use an international brand. There is no need to clean it after use, the machine will clean itself internally. The manual cleaning here means that in case the ink nozzle of the machine is blocked, use this method.

The ink circuit has a self-cleaning system. Press the shutdown button of the machine after use, and the machine will shut down for about 5 minutes. Do not cut off the power. It will automatically cut off the power after the automatic cleaning is completed. As long as you do not force the power off to shut down, the machine will automatically power off after the self-cleaning is completed by pressing the shutdown button. If there is an unexpected power failure, you must press the shutdown button after the power is turned on to let the machine clean itself, otherwise, the ink will accumulate.
It won’t happen if you don’t hit it, and this doesn’t need to be particularly accurate, the position change range of a few millimeters can be sprayed normally.
The vast majority of beverage customers are installed in this way. What I’m worried about is that the vibration will not work well during the spraying process.
And there will be a lot of static electricity when the belt is rubbed all the time, if there is no static electricity removal, it will affect the printing effect.

8 Q: What do you need from me to begin the process of preparing an order?
— We have a half-finished machine and need about 15 days of production time since we got your sample and 50% deposit. Pls, prepare your packing samples and sample box. Samples of beer need about 500 cans. The speed of our box machine is about 30 boxes per minute, which means the machine can only continuously run for 3~5 minutes with 500 cans. Sample boxes need about 1500 pcs of each size. Our designer can make box drawings for you without fee and suggest the sample box factory so you can save time and energy for samples.


The packing list for the machine: plywood box 1 package only, 3600*1900*2000mm,14CBM,1400KG.

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