The cartoner Machine automatically picks the carton and form the carton, worker manually put the products on the moving conveyor, when it’s moving to the formed carton, the machine push it into the carton, sealing the carton . If you want to save the labor cost, you can add the robot to place the goods on a conveyor instead of one person.


This cartoner mainly suitable for automatic cartoning of small products such as food,medical supplies, toys, stationery , auto parts , cosmetics, hardware, daily commodities, etc.

Cartoning Machine Process:

Cartoning Equipment Feature:

  1. Adopt Simens PLC programmable control system,intelligent interface,simple operation.
  2. Use the servo motor ,ensure the machine stable performance.
  3. PSpeed is from 20~60 carton /min according to carton style.
  4. Add electric eye to detect the goods so no goods then not pick carton, avoid empty carton.
  5. With hand wheel and visual dial gauge , easy changeove the different carton size packing.
  6. Carton store shelf able to store cartons, adjustble frame for different size cartons.
  7. High carton feeding rate , carton neat and fouder, ensure the future succesfully goods loading and carton sealing.
  8. The transmission and friction parts are strictly following the standard implementation, less wear and tear in the later stage, reducing the replacement of accessories.
  9. The machine is equipped with an inverter, PLC, voltage regulator, etc. to ensure the stable operation of the machine.
  10. Stato Light , alarm when machine malfunction or lack cartons.
  11. E-stop device.Machine fully automatic stop working when machine door is open.
  12. Full 304 stainless steel , for stable performance.
  13. For the carton material , suggest 250-350g/m2,Carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm, with prefolding effect , it’s very important to ensure the smoothful carton forming and good loading .
  14. Machine electrical components can be customized and upgraded according to customer needs.
  15. Options A visual inspection Machine will detect the defective goods before cartoning.
    Cartoning Machine will fully automatically fill the several cartones into cartons, sealing with tape or straps.End weigher checker can detect the wrong weight carton.Ink printer or label stick machine, stick the goods information on the carton or carton.Robot Palletizer The palletizing robot will stack the cartons according to your requirements.Filling the instruction book card into carton.

Machine Details:


Cartonning Machine Parameter




Fully automatic lock cartoning machine


220V 50Hz/customized according to your voltage


Box Machine 1.2KW;


20-60 box/min(According to carton size,shape,material)

Box Size Range
L200-80 * W160-55  * H60-30 mm

If box width and length is same ,it’s not safe for machine to open box.

Box Material feeding Height


Requirement for Box

250-350g/m2,Carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm, with prefolding effect



Net Weight









Installation Service:

1.we provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2.we provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3.we can send technician to buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide trainning course.

After Sales Service:

1.One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2.Free spare parts would be supplied if machine broken within warranty period.

3.After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.

Installation of the equipment:This machine belongs to the outer packaging equipment, can be installed in a clean room with good ventilation and adequate lighting.  1.5m width of work space around the machine shall be remained for easy operation and maintenance.  This model uses AC 220V-50HZ, control lines are arranged or hid, zero line is grounded reliably.  The machine must be installed on a flat surface, and after the machine is installed, check whether the machine is level with a level. If not, it can be adjusted by the four feet of the machine.

In the event of a mechanical failure, the machine shall be shut down immediately to avoid unnecessary damage to the main drive system and parts of the machine, then adjust the rotating wheel in front of the machine in the direction indicated by the arrow in order to try to find out the faults. In order to avoid damage to the machine components, no force shall be applied to turn the handwheel under any circumstances. Most of the faults of the mechanical part of the machine are caused by improper adjustment. Common faults, causes and actions of the machine are introduced as follows.


Simple troubleshooting guide

1.) The main convey or belt does not work The drive mechanism is damaged Replace damaged parts The compressed air pressure is too low Check the air line The machine is not reset. On the control panel Servo motor overload protection Turn off the power and restart The feed switch is on, but there is no material Put the material and run

2.) It’s not easy to open the carton The main motor is not in place Adjust the photoelectric position The nozzle is not rising in place Set down the carton position The vacuum pressure is too low Check the vacuum air line The carton seat has not been adjusted well Follow the instructions for debugging The creasing is not deep enough. Require the manufacturer to deepen the creasing

3.) The carton does not go smooth ly The guide plate is not adjusted well Follow the instructions for debugging The carton is stuck by the glue. Remove the glue on the part

4.) No glue out The heating tube is damaged Replace the damaged heating tube The rubber carton motor is not started or damaged Start or repair Hot melt is used up Add hot melt The line is broken Repair the line The glue mouth is blocked by debris Clean the nozzle The glue gun has no air Check the air line


  1. The machine shall be kept clean, often wipe, lubricate rotating parts.
  2.  The parts of drive chain shall be lubricated every 15 ~ 40 working hours. It is recommended to use mechanical oils with the number of 50 (the sport viscosity is 47 ~ 53mm2/S50℃), add grease every three months to gear engagement, and it’s recommended to use calcium-based greases with the number of ZG-1 or ZG-2.
  3.  Synchronous profile belt and transmission tape shall be avoided to contact with oil, so as not to reduce its service life.
  4.  Ensure that the packing machine can work normally and reliably, it shall be stopped every three months to check the tension of the transmission chain and the fixing degree of the transmission components, if necessary, re-adjust and fix.
  5.  In case of faults, carefully analyze the situation, maintenance personnel shall maintain in time, it’s not allowed to adjust and depart the machine without permission to avoid damage to the parts.


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