Common problems and solutions for cartoning machine

In the process of running the automatic cartoner machine, there are some common problems and solutions. 

  1. The carton cannot be sucked down: 1) The air circuit is blocked or leaking; check the pipeline carefully to prevent leakage.2) The suction cup is aging and stiff; replace the suction cup. 3) The carton stacking rack is not adjusted properly, and whether the carton is placed neatly;re-adjust the position of the carton stacking rack. 4) The carton stick together; loosen the carton or replace the carton.5) Insufficient vacuum pressure when the suction head is sucked down; increase the air pressure (vacuum degree above 4Pa; 6) The time of inspiratory and closing is wrong;re-adjust the suction and closing time.
  2. The carton does not form or pop out at the mouth of the box feeding template after being sucked down:1) Check whether the carton is too hard, the indentation of the carton is not deep enough; required to make the indentation line of the carton 0.4mm deep at least, and the carton material suggests 250-350g/㎡.2) Check whether the position of the guide rod for placing the carton and the box feeding template is incorrect.3)Check whether the small hook spring at the rear of the box feeding template is deformed. 4) Check whether the height of the suction head and the box feeding track is correct, the suction cup does not rise in place, to lower the position of the box.5) The action of the suction cup is incorrect,re-adjust according to the position and time of the carton conveying chain.
  3. Conveyor stop in the interval or shutdown:1) Stop in the interval, check whether there is a shortage of materials, and supplement the materials to run.2)For shutdown, check the power supply part, electricity, or governor is normal. 3) Whether the gear of the transmission mechanism is damaged or the chain is broken; replace the damaged gear and the connecting chain.4) The front and rear of the two feeding chains are not aligned, adjust the position and time of the feeding chains according to the steps to make them synchronized.
  4. The material is pushed sideways: 1) Check whether the material is stuck when advancing and exclude it.2) The height of the horizontal knife and the vertical knife is not enough,re-adjust the height again. 3) Adjust the position of the carton stacking rack again.

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