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Counting Packing Machine for Self-Tapping Screws  Of Thailand Customer

The customer is a manufacturer and developer of building material installation products such as drilled screws, precast purlins, translucent roof panels, and grout. They have ordered 3 times machines from us now.

Customer Requirement for First Order

Product: drilled screws
Size: 10*16mm   12*48 mm
Quantity: 100 pcs per bag
Speed: about 6~7 bags/min
Accuracy: 1/1000 according to qty
With PE Bag
End Detect (Optional)adding weight data exporting by USB

Our solution:

We suggest that 1 hopper count 100 pcs each time,4 hoppers count together and wait for packing into a bag in turns. It is high speed and accuracy compared with the option of 1 hopper counting 25 pcs and 4 hoppers counting together so falls together for 1 bag.

A Supporting layer to avoid screws puncturing the bag when they follow into a bag from the hopper. The height of the hopper is almost 2M so the staff needs a ladder to feed the screws. Normally we have a middle trailer for the big machine so the height of the hopper is about 800mm, but it will reduce the speed. We add a storage box to store the screws waiting to be packed to increase the speed.

Customer Requirement for Second Order WE-420LS6
Screw length:20mm 25mm 32mm 45mm
Capacity:24 million pcs per month,24 work days per month,
Machine speed: For screw length 45mm, speed is about 400 pcs per hopper

Solution: we have tested with screws, as only about 1000 pcs for each kind of screw and 200 pcs per bag so we can only put all screws in one hopper, the speed is 2 bags per min, screw length is 45mm so means about 400 pcs per min each hopper. The total pcs/ days are 846550, which means 35.28hr each day, if 8 hrs per day then means need about 5.25 pcs hoppers, but they need time to change screws so at least 6 hoppers. We suggest choosing one set WE-420LS6, 2 sets WE-420LS3 or 2 sets WE-420LS4 for future increased capacity.

End Detect (Optional)adding weight data exporting by USB, save about 10000 pcs production record, when you put off the machine then count as 1 production record , pls note only record for how many bags detected , how many bags is ok, how many bags are failed.

If you are interested, pls see the test and operation video for this customer.

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