Introduce Our Multihead Weighing Machine

Are you looking for a fastener packing machine to save the cost for you? Please see below the youtube video of our nails or washer weighing machine, High quality and efficiency. It’s able to weigh all fastener parts or hardware, and plastic parts into the pouch, box, or carton.

1 Compatibility: Normal hardware parts like screw, bolt nut washer dowel plug is able to pack with the same machine except for some parts which are able to hang each other which affect the accuracy, and the parts which are too heavy or big may be stuck in the weigher.

2 Quantity: You can adjust quantity or weight according to your requirement, like 20 50 100 500pcs / bag. the range is about 20~5000g.

3 Accuracy:1%~2%, normally it’s about 1~3 pcs more per bag.

4 Capacity:10~30 bags/min according to the weight per bag.

5 Operation: Feeding the hardware parts into the loading hopper, set in the quantity or weight per bag on the touch screen, press the start button then the machine will fully automatically feed the parts into multi-head weigher for weighing, then fill into bag former which the machine parts make the bag, seal and cut the bag. conveyor sends one finished bag to your table or box.

6 Change parts: When you need the machine to pack other parts, you can choose the exactly saved option in the interface screen then the machine will adjust itself like the multi-head weigher vibrating frequency, the speed. As it will be different according to different kinds of parts the shape and size weight is different so ensure high accuracy and speed. The machine is able to save about 99 kinds of different options, we can add more according to your requirement.      

7 Printer: If you need the lot number or some logo or bar code on the bag you can add the printer machine or label stick machine. You can edit the content like word or excel on the independent printer interface screen.

8 End Weigher: If you are worried about the weight per bag then you can add this device so it will get rid of the bag which is out of your weight tolerance. For example, if you set in 1000g and tolerance is 2g, then when the finished bag which is 1003g moved through the end weigher, it will be pushed aside.

9 Over Dimension: L3800mm*W2500mm*H2700mm 


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