Let’s see our finished cartoning machines for different customers recently

Laptop packaging Tray Former
Laptop box automatic folding machine, the machine automatically picks up the flat carton, the glue machine sprays glue on the edge of the carton, the robot grabs the protective pad on duty and places it at the glue spraying area for gluing, and the box moves into the folding process to complete the folding process.

Fruits Tray Former

The machine fully automatically picks up the flat box, folds it, and seals it with glue so it becomes a tray, worker uses it to put fruit in it.

Tray Former Machine

This kind of box is normally used in the E-commerce express industry, machine fold box instead of manual folding, faster and highly efficient.

Tray former machine with products feeding machine

We can add a weigher machine or another feeding machine to measure the products according to your set weight or quantity, and fall them into the folded box, fully automatical sealing the box as well. But normally if fully automatically feeding the product and sealing the box then needs more detailed information and the box needs to make some detailed changes so suitable for the machine.

Cartoner for Sanitary napkin Menstrual pad

This is a standard cartoner machine with glue, and a box with a dotted line so for Presenting products beautifully and improving product quality.

Cartoning Machine for Seam Beauty Agent

Cartoning Machine for Bee

This cartoning machine with a sorting and counting line is connected to the beer filling and label machine, so no need for the worker from beer filling to beer cans into a box.

Cartoning Machine for Mosquito Coils

First, pack the mosquito coils into a box, with a speed able to be 100 boxes per min, then 4 pcs box into middle one size box, then sort and counting middlebox 4 pcs per line 2 lines each time, Robot grabs them into the box for 2 times, so 8 boxes each lay and 2 layer together, 16 pcs each box.


Blind Box Folding Machine

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