We have 18 years of experience in vacuum packaging machines, and our machines are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad. In addition to standard machines, we also customize vacuum equipment according to the needs of different customers. Now we share some cases of our new shipments to demonstrate the effectiveness of vacuum machines in different industries.

1. Wait for the fresh seafood for vacuum packing

Extra large tray Sealer Vacuum Packaging Machine

This is a customized vacuum machine for our customers, the tray size is L380 *W280* H100mm, suitable for one pc duck or chicken, and atmosphere-modified vacuum packing.

Vacuum packing machine for Durian

For more details pls check product Vacuum Packaging Machine For Fast Food.

2. Vacuum Skin Packing Machine For Fresh Meat

The machine automatically wraps the film, vacuums, seals, and cuts the tray. Four trays each time. VSP vacuum machines keep the beautiful product display and lock the fresh meat or fish moisture, obtaining a better sales market.

For more details please check Vacuum Skin Packing Machine Tray Sealer

3 Inline Atmosphere Modified Vacuum Packing Machine for fresh fruit

The continuously modified atmosphere packaging machine is a box-type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine launched by the company for cold fresh meat, cooked food, etc. The food is isolated from the outside air, and the tray is filled (2-3 kinds of gases are mixed according to the characteristics of the food) to keep the packaged food in its original flavor and appearance for a long time, and to inhibit various bacteria and microorganisms to the greatest extent. breeding. Thereby extending the shelf life or shelf life of the food.

For more details please check Inline Atmosphere Modified Vacuum Packing Machine Tray Sealer

4 Fully Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine for Test kit

It’s chain bags, the left is for test kit, the right is for desiccant, alcohol cotton, band-aid, straw, blood collection needle, FOB tube, and vacuum package with aluminum film.

For more details please check Fully Automatic Rollstock |Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

Sealer with a belt so saves labor to take the bag for all sealing time, now only need to put the bag on the belt then the machine will fully automatically seal the bag.

Full orders Vacuum packing machine

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