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Flow Wrapper For fiber stick, Pillow Pack Machine to Germany

Customer’s Requirement
This is a customer from Germany, the main products are indoor aromatherapy, air freshener.They are looking for a machine to pack fiber sticks in a tubular bag individually. They fill the sticks with a fragrant liquid and have previously packed them in blister packs.
Product Dimensions:
Ø = 7mm Tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Length = 37mm Tolerance +/- 0.6 mm
Weight: 0.77g (filled)
Density: 0.203 g/ cm³
6 different colors
The cycle rate of their filling machine is around 18,000 pcs/hour. This means that a high cycle rate of the stickpack machine would be advantageous, i.e. multi-lane.

Our Solution After talking with the customer to get the packaging details, we initially have 3 plans.
Solution 1. Horizontal Flow Wrapper 1, speed 50-1000pcs/min, in the video is 300pcs/min.

Solution 2. Horizontal Wrapping Machine 2, the speed in the video is 500pcs/min, for your fiber stick, it is about 300pcs/min.

Solution 3. You mentioned a multi-lane packing machine, the video below is for sauce packaging 10 lines, and the feeder is a liquid pump.

For your product 300pcs/min, the feeder should change to vibratory bowl with 4 output, total 3pcs bowl ,and packing machine 12 lanes better.

We recommend is 1 and 2. If sample test No. 1 can run stably, it will be better. The Horizontal Flow Wrapper in Solution 1 is simple to operate, can meet the customer’s packaging needs, and the most important is that the cost is relatively low. Plan 2 is cost twice as much as 1, and plan 3 cost is six times as much as 1.And we suggest packaging film width is 45-50mm,then means bag width is about 20mm,bag length is about 57mm.

Finally ,the customer choose the Solutin 1,and arrange sample to test.

For more information about our Flow Packaging Machine ,please check our product description about Horizontal Wrap Machine – Worldepack-Packing Machine Supplier

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