Fully Automatic Cartoning Packing Machine for seasonings-Customer from Russia

Customer’s Requirement

Fully automatic carton packing machine with functions:
automatic sachets feeding;
automatic empty box erecting forming;
automatic sachet sorting, counting;
automatic sachet packing into boxes;
automatic sealing of the box with tape


1. Product type (small pieces, granules): seasonings, dried spices & herbs, instant soups
2. Weight of sachet from 10 grams to 70 grams (depending on the type of product).
3. Sachet size: length 150mm* width 112mm
4. Sachet material: laminated film PET12/met38+PE20
5. Group packaging (box) dimensions: L305mm*W125mm*H170mm and L300mm*W120mm*H160mm. The machine should place 3 side seal sachets of 30pcs in a box.
6. Speed: 8 boxes per min (240 sachets / min)
7. We have several vertical filling and sealing machines with speeds of 80-100 sachets per minute. 
8. Box style like the below picture, bottom with interlock, and one-line tape sealing on top.

Our Solution

1. Connect the front-end incoming materials, lift the conveyor line, and transport them to the material sorting and counting mechanism belt, then aggregate them to the transition conveyor line and send them to the packing mechanism.

2. The equipment automatically unpacks, pushes, and packs materials, and seals the box in one-line tape.

3. Using servo/stepper motors, touch screen, and PLC programmable control system, the human-machine interface display is clearer and easier to operate, has a high degree of automation, and is more humane.

4. Machine drawing like below, one set finished conveyor and sorting device for one set your machine, then all send to the line of the box conveyor for packing into a box.

Note: The indentation of the carton is generally 0.6MM deep, and the carton needs to be pre-folded.

Similar to the below video

Sort and count device

Box packing machine, this is interlock bottom but tucked on top, your machine is similar but with one-line tape sealing instead.

Please note we try to use this simple conveyor line to solve your problems but there may be some times manually check and help the 3 side sachet in great direction on the belt of the sorting mechanism. Because we can’t ensure the sachet falls on the conveyor from your vertical packing machine , always keep a vertical direction, little different direction ok but if bigger different then not good for our sorting device to work so need to manally check sometimes. Or we can design another kind of conveyor which is more complicate but the cost is higher about USD$2000/set.

One more question, do you have to when opening the box, the top of 3 side sachet above or you can accept the bottom of the sachet on top of the box. From your vertical machine video, it’s top first so if use our solution then top into the box first, so mean the top is the bottom of the box. we can change direction but it will add cost, or you can change the printing roll film direction.

So we try to change the machine layout direction to keep the sachet bottom in the box first like below.

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