Furniture Fittings Mix Packing Machine/Screw Packing Machine/Hardware Packing Machine

We are a manufacturer in China and specialized in counting packaging machines for 19 years!
Our machine is able to pack the screws bolt nut hardware or plastic spare parts  …into the bag box carton.

Hardware Kit Packing Machine

Hardware parts packing machine is a fully automatic counting and packing machine used to package hardware fittings, such as nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, into containers or bags. The machine operates by feeding the fittings into a hopper, where they are sorted and counted, before being dispensed into the packaging. The filled packaging is then sealed and ready for transport. The use of a hardware fittings packing machine can increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve product packaging quality.

Hardware Accessories Packing Machine Features

1. According to screw/special parts sample tailored to the vibration plates with a precise count control device, to ensure that every bag is accurate and correct.
2. Adopting a pneumatic structure, the whole machine is more secure, stable, and reliable.
3. Advanced PLC control system and various automatic alarm protection functions, convenient for daily maintenance and reduced wastage.
4. It completes the whole procedure of metering, filling, bagging, date printing, charging(exhausting), and counting automatically.
5. The unique design of the packing seal technology, makes the sealing nice and strong.
6. Equipped with a chain conveyor trailer, it can be fed manually if the vibration plates are unworkable.

Packing Machine Parameter

Item Content
Speed 10-60bag/min
Counting range 0~10000个
Pouch size (L)40-300、(W)30-200mm
Film width 420mm
Film thickness 0.03~0.10mm
Gas consumption ≥0.03㎡/ min
Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Sealing type Pillow sealing、side sealing with Europe hole
Power 2500W
Net/gross wt 350kg/450kg
Voltage 220v、380V/50hz/60hz
Dimension L1400×W1200×H1600mm

Packaging Sample


Hardware Counting Packing Machine in customer’s factoryscrew packing machine

Fastener Packing Machine
screw packing machine

Packaging Machine for Furniture AccessoriesPackaging Machine for Furniture Accessories

Door Hinge Packing MachinePackaging Machine for Furniture Parts

Screw Packaging Machine

Screw Packaging Machine

Eccentric wheel Packing Machine

Plastic parts packing machine

Dowel packing machine

Rubber Stopper Packing Machine

Vibration Plates working principle and structure
Bowl hopper is through AC electromagnet of pulsed electro-magnetic-driven flexible structure, form a directional vibration, enabling auto-arrange and direct supply of the workpiece. On the electrical control with TRIAC variable voltage or frequency modulation, step-less speed regulation.

The piezoelectric vibration feeder is a kind of vibration feeder in the driving source made of piezoelectric elements whose main component is the piezoelectric ceramic made of titanate and zirconate. It is the use of a piezoelectric element of the applied voltage to produce mechanical deformation of the piezo effect to achieve the vibration and become the landmark feeder of the parts conveyor.

This vibration plate is widely used and can be installed on all kinds of vibration plates by center fixed or fixed around. Because the driving parts do not have the coil and iron core, the electrical and mechanical structure is very simple and has good durability.

Vibration Plates Feature
1. No need to adjust the spring sheets
Because through sample controller frequency setting will be able to achieve the desired operational state, when the machine assembly or the electric frequency 50/60 Hz changes, you don’t need to adjust the resonant spring sheets, and there is no secular variation.
2 No electromagnetic influence on parts
Drive parts do not have any magnetic effect on small parts and magnetic parts, are conducive to the selection of the parts.
3. Most suitable for conveying small parts.
Because spring sheets directly drive it, the effective vibration is very big, so they can achieve the jump-free conveying of the tiny parts.
4. Significant energy-saving effect
Because the piezoelectric element of the electric-mechanical energy conversion rate is high, it can reach more than 70% of the energy-saving effect compared with the past forms.
5. Shared the 100V and 200V.
By using a dedicated controller, realized the shared 100V, and 200V. And can provide stable power by using the the「KS-3」sensor.

Dimension figure of the vibration plate 

Hopper drawing

Dimension table of the vibration plate (unit: mm)

Type 90A 120A 150A 190A 230A 300A 390 460B
Input voltage AC 0~250(V)
Current consumption(mA) (standard vibration plate) 8 15 37 65 90 165
Resonance frequency(Hz+/10Hz)(standard vibration plate) 255 240 233 210 165 152 120 100
The angle of spring sheets 15θ°(standard)
Piezoelectric element model SR-1639B SR-2443B SR-3860B SR-5086A1 SR-65100A1 SR-68105C SR-80116A
Piece number of the used piezoelectric element 2pcs 3pcs
Spraying color cover  S3-309
foundation  S2-1034
Weight (Kg) 1.7 3.3 5.3 12.3 17.8 32.6 54 105
Maximum support vibration plates diameterφ(mm) 120 150 250 310 370 500 620 760
weight(kg) 0.3 0.6 2 3 5 8 14 25
The weight of the workpiece can support (kg) 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.5 2.5 3 5
Operating temperature 0~40(℃)
Operating humidity           (without condensation) 10~90(%/RH)
Application controller standard P1 series P2 series P3 series
Feedback control P1-F series P2-F series P3-F series

Main technical parameters
1. Rated voltage of 220 V or 110 V AC, frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the vibration plate uses half wave excitation or full wave excitation according to the need
2. Vibration specification: terminal disk diameter from φ80 to φ1000mm.
3. Vibration plate is divided clockwise and counterclockwise according to the direction of the material.

Installation and Maintenance
1. When opening the package, you need to check whether the whole machine and accessories match.
2. Please check the connections of the host, and make sure that they all fasten stable.
3. When installing it the Damping parts must correspond to the components in the upper and lower holes.
4. After good height and level adjustments, please fasten the vibration plate on the mounting plate.
5. Leave the gaps for the parts connections, so as not to affect the using functions of the vibration.
6. Electrical plugs for the vibration plate are mounted on the electrical control box (Note: electric control box must be oil and waterproof ), connected to a 220V or 110V power supply, open the switch, turn the potentiometer slowly, and gradually achieve the required feed number. Note: Before connecting power, make sure to adjust the potentiometer to the minimum, so as not to damage the Silicon controlled rectifier. The electromagnet and armature of clearances and elastic parts are been adjusted before leaving the factory, so you don’t need to adjust it usually.
7. The vibration plate running for more than two years, and the chassis parts should be disassembled cleaned up of the dust and dirt on the various parts and reinstalled, this is for it to get a good performance.

Common malfunctions and their elimination methods
1. If the power is on but the vibration does not work, please check the electric controller fuse, is it broken? And if it got poor contact between the plug and socket in the electrical component, tie them up.
2. Low speed
(1) Check the screw of the base fasten of the vibration plate.
(2) Please check the space between the electromagnet and the gag bit, it is supposed at 0.5-1.2mm, and the core of the electromagnet should be at a parallel level, and their Not parallel degree should not be greater than 0.02 (mm).
(3) check whether the spring was broken or not.
3. The winding of the electromagnet was burned up or maybe the temperature rose too high.
(1)The space between the electromagnet and the gag bit should not be too big because it will be burned, also the speed of the plate should not be more than 200, it will make the coil burn, you can increase or decrease the spring to adjust the vibration.
(2) Suitable for the full-wave electromagnet, if used with half-wave power, the temperature will increase.

hopper drawing

Piezoelectric series
This series has a variety of models from a total weight of 0.25kg for small machines, to a total weight of 17 kg, invited to orbit a maximum weight of 5 kg, and large vibration machines up to 700 mm. The biggest feature is adjusting the frequency through the controller, their fore you don’t need to adjust the spring sheets. Have a 「Direct connection type」,「spring sheets connection type」,「rubber foot type」 three different vibration machines, you can choose the machine according to your needs.

straight line drawing

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Shippingpackaging and shipping

Installation Service
1. we provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.
2. we provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3. we can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service
1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.
2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine broke within the warranty period.
3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.