Bathroom Accessories Packing Machine/Packing Machine Manufacturer

WE-LS2 Bathroom Accessories Packing Machine/Packing Machine Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer in China and specialized in counting packaging machine for 14 years !

Our machine is able to pack the screws bolt nut hardware or plastic spare parts  …into the bag box carton.

Furniture accessories package machine

Screws packaging machine

Hardware accessories packaging machine

Fasteners packaging machine

Weighing packaging line

It’s fully automatic counting and packing machine for Furniture kit and hardware spare parts like screw , bolt, nut , washer, spring, plug.High precise and fast , save the labor cost for you. Widely used in fasteners , hardware, furniture, bathroom filed.

You only need to put the spare parts into the hopper and roll film on the packing machine, set in the quantity that you need to in bag and open the machine. Machine will automatic counting the spare parts and make the film to be bag , filling the spare parts into bag , sealing and cut . Lot number or other printing information is optional device.





Counting range


Pouch size


Film width


Film thickness


Gas consumption

0.03/ min



Sealing type

Pillow sealingside sealing with europe hole or chain bag



Net/gross wt




Pack material





WE-LS2 Bathroom Accessories Packing Machine/Packing Machine Manufacturer


1. According to screw/special parts sample tailored to the vibration plates with precise count control device, to ensure that every bag is accurate and correct.

2. Adopts pneumatic structure, whole machine is more secure, stable, reliable.
3. Advanced PLC control system and various automatic alarm protection functions, convenient for daily maintenance and reduce wastage.
4. It completes the whole procedure of metering, filling,bagging,date printing, charging(exhausting),counting automatically.
5. Unique design of the packing seal technology, make the sealing nice and strong.

6. Equipped with chain conveyor trailer,it can be feed by manual if the vibration plates is un-workable.


Engineer Team




Installation Service

1.we provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2.we provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3.we can send technician to buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide trainning course.

After Sales Service

1.One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2.Free spare parts would be supplied if machine broken within warranty period.

3.After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.

FT-410 Series digital fiber optic sensors 

The improvement products facing the highest level of detection performance

· Feature

· Fiber optic

· Technical information



improvement of the stability
The 4 elements cast light diodes Inhibits the change of the light body in a period of time, and then Maintain the stability of the light levels during a long time, also re-adopting “APC (Auto Power Control) circuit”.Because of the cast light can control in smaller amounts,so the changes even occurred in a short period of time can also be controlled, by inhibiting the instability of the cast light caused by environment changes which can not be inhibited before, to achieve the stable detection. 


Adopting the double coupling lens,maximum improved the efficiency of the cast light, and greatly increased the detection distance.Due to the miniaturization of integrated circuit block,small diameter,the minimum diameter fiber is quiet popular, the detection distance also increased by 50% relative to other amplifier using before. 


Outstanding performance

On close range detection or detective transparent and small objects, the light level gradually saturated,can make the detection stable without  changing the reaction time. We Need to change the reaction time or fiber optical for testing before,,and now the set detection are more simple by using this feature.  

(4 times as fast as before)
The ultra-fast response speed of 35μ s for the digital optical fiber sensor. Even the small and fast -moving object can be detected. In addition, FX-301 standard 65μ s speed is the twice as the original type.


(2.5 times as fast as before)
The industry’s largest four-digit display screen(9999). The numerical value have more difference compared with the previous models, baseline values can set up from 1 to maximum of 9999.The baseline settings are more simple and accurate now

FX-305 and FX-301(-HS) have the same ON delay /OFF delay/ One-touch timer

ON delay·OFF delay timerON delay·One-touch delay timer.

These fiber optic sensors can be widely used for timing control

Added the window comparison mode and error detection mode.These models can be easily  used to the operation which need a need a variety of sensors before or the detection of the complex baseline setting.

Can setting the upper limit and low limit of the baseline value, so that light can be opened and closed within the range.  Using the single output model, only need one cable,  without the PLC processing.    



MODE NAVI Using 6 indicator lamps display the sensor’s basic operation function.

Can recognized the current setting of the operation mode at a glance,even a beginner can also easily operation .


Even in the RUN mode, you can also press the highlight switch to confirm the baseline value


Only have large mode button and large highlight switch those two operation switch. You can easily operate it follow the three steps as show in the right figure


Ease of maintenance 

1 amplifier can be used as main unit or sub-unit 
The amplifier can be used as main unit or sub-unit. You only need to distinguish the main cable and sub cable , then it can be respectively used as the main unit and sub-unit, you can use it as long as the connection is ok. 
In addition, eliminating the amplifier’s maintenance problems such as the inventory management. 

Using the optical communication function, you can also copy the current set of date,save it to the amplifier which connected to the right side. To ensure the process switch unimpeded, even when replacing the sensor, the complicated sensitivity adjustment can operated more easier through the use of optical communication function, date replication and save also become easier.


The similar sensor can use optical communication function
In additionFX-301-HS is not equipped with optical communication function 


Only input four code (number) can set various functions.If wrong to change the setting , just need to correct code can restore Settings, easy to  maintenance.

The external input device for digital sensors
Using PLCTouch screen to change setting (FX-CH2)
Changing Settings and switch of external signals to  digital optical fiber sensor by PLC, touch screen and buttons 

<The main function>
·Key lock setting
· The database of load/save at the same time 

The communication device with a PLC or PC as the medium, not only can be imported to the digital optical

fiber sensor (teaching, database conversion),Will also be able to confirm the digital sensors into the light

and output state.To increase efficiency of the product when debugging, maintenance work.

Contents of communication

· Confirm the light of sensor 
· Confirm the setting of sensor
· Confirn the working condition of sensor
· Setting reference value and so on            


               Can suitable for any PLC which install RS-485

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