Screw Packing Machine

This is a fully automatic counting and packing machine, the machine is able to count or weigh screws, nut bolts, washers, furniture kits, hardware parts, fasteners, and small parts into a pouch or box according to your requirement. High precision and fast, save the labor cost you.

Screw Packing Machine

Worldepack offers a fully automatic multifunction screw-packing machine that is designed to provide easy operation and high efficiency. This machine is capable of counting, weighing, and filling screws, bolts, nuts, and small hardware items with an impressive accuracy rate of 99%.


Manufacture industry: Automatic screw packaging machines are extensively used in manufacturing units where large quantities of screws, bolts, nuts, washers, and other fasteners must be sorted, counted, and packaged efficiently.

Hardware stores: Retailers and suppliers of hardware components benefit from screw-counting packing machines as they enable quick and accurate packaging of different types of screws, bolts, and small parts.

Construction company: They often require large quantities of screws and fasteners. Screw-bagging machines simplify the process of sorting and packaging these items, ensuring they are readily available and organized on construction sites.

E-commerce centers: With the rise of online shopping, e-commerce centers deal with a high volume of small parts and hardware items. Parts counting machines automate the packaging process, reducing the time and effort required to sort and pack screws and other fasteners for shipment.

Assembly lines: Screw packing machines can be integrated into assembly lines, where they automatically dispense the required number of screws or fasteners for each product being assembled.

Packing Machine Parameter

Item Content
Speed 10-60bag/min
Counting range 0~10000个
Pouch size (L)40-300、(W)30-200mm
Film width 420mm
Film thickness 0.03~0.10mm
Gas consumption ≥0.03㎡/ min
Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Sealing type Pillow sealing、side sealing with Europe hole
Power 2500W
Net/gross wt 350kg/450kg
Voltage 220v、380V/50hz/60hz
Dimension L1400×W1200×H1600mm

Srew Packaging Machine Feature:

  1. Multi-function: The fully automatic process of feeding, alignment, counting, rejecting wrong quantity, bag forming, filling, sealing, and cutting.
  2. Capacity: About 100~300 pcs /min per plate according to the exact product.
  3. Accuracy is 99.9% with fiber counting. End weighing director is optional for higher accuracy by rejecting the out-tolerance dose.
  4. Customize: The size and principle of the torsional vibrator are customized to optimize feeding and alignment according to the exact parts. With linear vibrating for hung or full wave vibrating intensity.
  5. Installation: The machine is assembled so easy to disassemble for shipment and installation.
  6. Durable: Lower malfunction rate and Lifetime of About 10 years.
  7. Convenient.
    Versatility: The same torsional vibrator is able used for a certain range of products in different sizes and shapes.
    Ergonomic condition: Staff is convenient for feeding enough parts into the torsional vibrator the height is about 800~900mm above the grand.Reserve operation area for the parts manually feeding which is unworkable with the machine. Reserve the position for future additional torsional vibrators. A fully automatic elevator or hopper is optional.
    Quickly format change: The remaining parts will be cleared in 5 min by pressing one button.
    Lower Noise and surface wear with the specific glue on the surface of the torsional vibrator.  A soundproof enclosure is optional.



1. Machine counting screw nut bolt nail and plastic parts into one bag.

2. This machine with 3 hoppers suitable for counting small quantity screws in each bag.

3. This parts counting equipment is suitable for larger quantity per bag and also ensure accuracy and speed. The customer’s screw length is 45mm, 200 pcs per bag then 5 bags per min, screw length is 20mm, 400 pcs per min, about 8 bags per min. Our engineer set the PLC to be one hopper for one bag so faster than the normal counting machine. You can add the end weigher checker to ensure quantity accuracy.

4. Multihead Weigher metering, then hardware packing machine fill, seal, and cut the bags for nails

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Packing Machine Details

1. Main transmission part
Consists of  CAM sealing, Pinion, signal wheel, and other components. Sealing CAM will show the action sealing and cut off through the tumbler working. The pinion drives power to metering components and the signal wheel will provide count signal and action time to PLC for pulling the bag.

2. Bag-pulling mechanism
It is controlled by the pulling motor. Once you have finished setting the bag length, the step motor will pull the bag to be sealed and cut according to your set length.

3. Bag former part
Made from stainless steel 304. Different film widths will need different bag formers.

4. Film feeding part
The film supply structure consists of film axes, film stepper motors, signal axes, and other components, it is primarily responsible for supplying and pulling packaging film to the packages. The signal axis is controlled by the sensor, when it gives the signal to the stepper motor, the stepper motor will give the running machine a cycle film supply.

5. Sealing Mould
The distribution of the axial CAM driver to the photoelectric eyes enables periodic opening and closing of the drive shaft, facilitating sealing work and achieving the action of opening and closing the cutter for sealing and cut-off.

6. Photoelectric eye device
To choose the power switch of the packaging materials background, color control patch, and photoelectric, please refer to the form.

Background/light/color Black Red Orange Yellow Green Blue While
White Red/Green Green / / Red/Green Red/Green /
Blue / Red Red/Green Red/Green / / Red/Green
Green / Red Red/Green Red/Green / / Red/Green
Yellow Red/Green Green / / Red/Green Red/Green /
Orange Red/Green Green / / Red/Green Red/Green /
Red Red / Red Red Red Red Green

The adjustment of the Photoelectric eye is necessary to ensure its correct detection of the color control patch. The requirement is that there should be a space of about 10mm between the Photoelectric Eye and the color control patch. The indicator light will turn on when the Photoelectric Eye detects the color control patch; otherwise, it remains off. If the color of the color control patch is similar to that of the film, you should adjust the sensitivity setting of the Photoelectric Eye.

Each Part Adjustment
1. Speed adjust:
The speed of the machine is set before it leaves the factory. If you want to improve the packaging speed, you can adjust the knob. The speed is determined by the bag-making, filling, sealing, and so on.

2. Temperature adjustment
With different packaging materials, we should set the suitable temperature on the temperature controller. The general reference of temperature is as follows:

Packaging material

Fix temperature


Paper/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene


These temperatures are only offered for reference. The concrete temperature should depend on the effect of packaging and sealing.   







The horizontal sealing temperature is always 10℃ higher than the vertical sealing temperature. After the temperature is set for sealing, we can see if the temperature is suitable. The heat sealing temperature is too low to seal tightly; If it’s hot, it folds.

3. Bag length adjustment
When Packing material for proper installation, temperature suit for the sealing requirements,  input data on setting can be adjusted bag length.

4. Former adjustment

The installation of the bag former is required to be vertical to the packaging film roll. The mixture center line of the bag former will overlap with the vertical sealing bar. Otherwise, it may have the wrong side or fold. The front and back sides of the bag are former can ensure that the pulling bag wheel is pressed on the vertical sealing line.
Lose the bolts on the bag former, move to left or light to adjust the position of the bag former until it is set in the right place.

The bag is formed and should be moved one step right if the fault is like the right chart. The bag former should be moved step left if the fault is like the left chart.

5. Cutter adjustment
Loosen the screws and bolts of both the left and right knives. The right cutter is floating while the left cutter is fixed. Both cutters can be moved up and down simultaneously. The adjustment of the cutter spring can be made by loosening or tightening the screws. The working principle is similar to scissors – adjust the pressure by loosening or tightening the springs, then tighten back the bolts, start the machine to check the cutting, and make adjustments until it cuts well for your bags.

6. Heat sealing mold adjustment
Adjusting the heat sealing device require the left or right to be flat on both side of the heat sealing device, and the left of the heat sealing device should face the center. We can move the position to adjust the vertical length of bag-making when the pressure is equal and vertical sealing is parallel to the fold of the forming bag.
The method just like the picture is to lose the pull-tight screw slightly, so it can be moving and leaning around with facing the heat-sealing device. Each heat sealing device has three screws which are to play the role of adjusting leveling and tightly. Each part can be adjusted when the screw rotates out or in by losing.

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