High-speed Cartoning machine for ice cream 70~150 cartons/min

Question1 Box size: length, width, thickness L23W10H5

There is another different dimension at different time

A: same type but different size, able to pack with one machine

How to change for different size box

Question 2 system of working no product no box?

A:yes, our machine with this function. there is a sensor, if no product then machine not pick up box.so avoid empty box

Question 3 which flaps can work machine

A: Please see the below drawings

haw we ned to form the box for your machine

You can ask your box supplier forming the box according to our above box sample or order a box gluing machine to glue the box first.

Question 4 What’s your machine speed?

A: Our machine speed is from 70~150 boxes per minute according to the box size, please see the videos below and the machine parameters in our high-speed cartoning machine

Question 5: do you have metal detectors?

A: Is the bag a composite film or an aluminum film?Are customer aluminum foil bags magnetic?

we have both film and aluminium film 

this is combined check weigher and metal detector ,only suitable for composite film, unable to work with aluminum film

This metal detector is suitable for both aluminum foil and composite film. The below metal detector without end weigher checker , suitable for your customer aluminum foil and composite film, needs an end weigher check . so 2 machine combine together.

You can require to add the reject belt so machine fully automatically reject the metal part

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