High-speed Case Erector and Case Sealer

High-speed Case Erector WECE-40H50

The high-speed case erector is designed by our company for large-scale storage, logistics, and other industries. It adopts horizontal unpacking, and the speed can reach 50 boxes/min. Manual operation, suction box, forming, bottom folding, and bottom sealing are completed at one time; mechanical action is fast, precise, and stable. This unpacking machine is also widely used in various industries such as food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, and electronics.

Machine Parameter

Model WECE-40H50
Speed 50 cases/min
Carton size range  L250-450mm W:150-400mm H:150-350mm
Power  220V 50Hz 1 Phase    1000W
Tape size  48/60mm
Carton storage capacity  80pcs (800mm)
Air Consumption  450NL/min
Necessary air pressure  6kg/cm³
Table height  960-1000mm
Overall size L3120mm W:1410mm H:1900mm
Weight  1200Kg

Machine Details

Machine Feature

  1. Suitable for a wide range of cartons, and the adjustment of different sizes of cartons is simple and quick, which can meet the different speed requirements of customers.
  2. Compared with the traditional pin insertion method, the double stock stop mechanism makes the material bearing capacity is larger, the operation is more stable, and the carton temporary stock can reach 800mm
  3. Upgraded mechanism of folding front and rear board, cartons can be formed faster, more stable, and endurable.
  4. The internal electric circuit adopts anti-jamming technology, a photoelectric sensor, and a Siemens control program, which can control position accurately and work stably for a long time.
  5. The selection of stable, strong power, high durability motor, can be uninterrupted fast and efficient operation, more stable unpacking
  6. Automatic alarm: When the tape is broken or used up, the alarm will make sounds automatically. It’s convenient for users to change and adjust in time.
  7. The bottom of the carton is folded and sealed during transportation without stopping. The whole process of the suction box, forming, bottom folding, and sealing can be completed in 3 seconds.
  8. The carton is thin and light, the carton forming mechanism adopts the suction cup type and imitation manipulator design, which is convenient to improve the efficiency of carton rapid forming with less force in the process of absorbing carton forming
  9. Adopts horizontal storage to keep carton boards and can be replenished with carton boards at any time (no need to stop the machine).

High-speed Case sealer WECS-50K

Automatic flaps folding and case sealer, speed up to 60 boxes per minute. At the same time, according to customer needs, supporting automatic case erector, front, and rear roller frame, etc., this sealing machine is widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, automobile, cable, electronics, and other industries.

Machine Parameter

Model WECS-50K
Speed 60 cases/min
Carton size range  L:20-60cm W:15-50cm H:15-50cm
Power  220V 50Hz 1 Phase    1000W
Tape size  75mm
Air Consumption  50NL/min
Necessary air pressure 0.6Mpa
Table height 600+150mm
Overall size L:3120mm W:1410mm H:1900mm
Weight  1200Kg

Machine Details

Machine Feature

  1. Using SEW motor and SMC cylinder control, automatic folding box flaps, and automatic sealing.
  2. Suitable for case size L:20-60cm W:15-50cm H:15-50cm, and adjust the height and the width for different sizes of cartons manually.
  3. High-speed, low cost, sealing smoothly and stably, continuous uninterrupted operation.
  4. Just grab the tape arm, you can easily remove the movement, easy to install the tape quickly.
  5. The roller is made of stainless steel with high abrasion resistance, easy to clean dust and dander, Increases convey speed, has low noise, and is long-lasting.
  6. Using this sealing machine instead of labor can not only improve production efficiency (increased by 30%) but also reduce costs and reduce 2 to 3 packers. This has standardized packaging and saved consumables (saving 5-10% of consumables).
  7. It can be used in stand-alone operation, and can also be used with automatic packaging lines.

Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the installation process.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.