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Honey Packing Machine to Canada

The client is a packaging designer and executor in the Canadian food and medical fields, adhering to the principles of ecological protection and sustainable development.

Requirement Remark
Product (Picture) honey
Bag/Pouch style 3 sides seal
Volume per bag 1. 20g will volume of 29ml
2. 40g will volume of 58ml
3. 60g will volume of 86ml
Width of film /Pouch size film width 130mm
pouch width 65mm, length adjustable, max 150mm
Speed requirement 13-20bpm
Power: v/hz 220V-60Hz

Honey is a natural food with rich nutritional value and many medical uses. The consistency of honey can vary depending on the source and temperature. It may be pasty at lower temperatures and more fluid at higher temperatures. Honey is a durable food, small sachet packaging is very convenient for people to enjoy daily.

According to the characteristics of customers’ products, bag size, and volume, we recommend a Small VFFS Machine for liquid paste, focusing on high quality and low price.

Options with a heating and stirring device, date code, photocell, and finished conveyor, make honey packaging smoother, the finished product is more perfect, and the overall cost is also very affordable.

The biggest advantage of a small packaging machine is small and flexible, economical. It is suitable for groups with small packaging scales and high production efficiency. You just spend about $1000 to eliminate complicated manual labor and get a more beautiful packaging effect.

If you are packing other products, different bag sizes, and different volumes, we will help you to match the right machine, the following information is for your reference.

  • Packing and Sealing
small packing machine WE60 WE388 WE420
Width of film 200mm max 220mm max 320mm max 420mm max
Pouch size (L)10-150mm  (W)40-100mm (L)40-140mm  (W)30-110mm (L)40-200mm  (W)30-150mm (L)50-300mm  (W)80-200mm
Volume /bag 10-200ml 1-80ml 50-500ml 150-1500ml
Speed 13-20bpm 30-60bpm 20-60bpm 10-80bpm
  • Filling Part
Liquid position pump honey,  oil, chili sauce, ketchup, shampoo, body foam, facial, cream
Granule dose cup/scale light tea, coffee, sugar, small snacks, small plastic parts, hardware parts
Powder dose cup/augers flour, food additives, milk powder, sauce powder, protein powder, mask powder, pearl powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, and soda powder

Small packing machines sell well, we have materials ready to produce, and transportation is not expensive. From the moment you find her to the moment you receive her and serve you, a month is enough. So if you happen to need it, just get in touch with us.

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