The vacuum packaging machine uses plastic or plastic aluminum foil film as the packaging material, and vacuums liquid, solid, and powdery paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. Vacuum-packed items can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, rot, and moisture, and extend the shelf life. It is especially suitable for tea, food, medicine, shops, research institutions, and other industries. It has the advantages of a beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, easy operation, and a seat wheel at the bottom, which is convenient to move.

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Fully automatic Rollstocks /Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines, the work principle is to use a forming mold, first heat the film, and then use the forming mold to punch the shape of the container, and then put the package into the formed lower film cavity, and then carry out vacuum packaging. It is mainly composed of a vacuum system, pumping air sealing system, hot pressing sealing system, electrical control system, and so on. Package types have vacuum bags, vacuum skin packaging /Tray Sealer, and modified atmosphere packaging /Tray Sealer.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine is also called rolling vacuum packaging machine, its working principle is to use a chain drive, automatic swing cover, continuous output of products, the whole machine adopts imported PLC programmable logic controller, computer touch screen operation, the operating system is fully sealed, and the whole machine can be washed with clean water.

The external pumping vacuum packaging machine is a device that puts the packaging on the outside of the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum packaging. The external pumping vacuum packaging machine is mainly designed for the vacuum packaging of larger packages. Different from the structure of the internal pumping vacuum packaging machine, the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is placed in the packaging of the packaged objects through the suction nozzle. Inside the bag, evacuate the air, exit the air nozzle, and then complete the sealing.

Vertical vacuum packaging machine adopts no vacuum chamber, and the air nozzle directly evacuates or fills the packaging bag with nitrogen. The size of the packaging is not limited, occupies a small space, and can be used wherever it is moved. The vertical vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for electronic components, hardware, meat, dry goods, cloth wool products, whole grains, pharmaceuticals, plastic raw materials, food, chemical raw materials, etc.

Tray Sealer Vacuum Packaging Machine, this machine has good vacuum performance, suitable for vacuum sealing and packaging meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, chemicals, medicinal materials, and other granules and liquids in the food industry. Vacuum packaging of various plastic bags and composite bags. The machine is small in size, light in weight, and low in energy consumption, suitable for shops, supermarkets, and households. Vacuuming, sealing, cooling, air intake to cover opening, the whole process is automatically controlled.

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