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How to Choose Hardware Packing Machine?

No matter what industry you are in, you can follow these two steps to choose the right packaging machine.

It is important to know that this machine consists of 2 parts, dosing unit + packaging machine, we will assemble different kinds of dosing units and packaging machines according to your exact spare parts size, weight, or number per bag range/box, capacity requirement, precision requirement, packaging style such as sachet, box, carton, fully automatic or semi-automatic, let me know your these information and requirements so that we can introduce the machine for you.

First step

Do you prefer a counter machine or a weighing machine? Generally counter machine has high accuracy (by quantity 1/1000) and can mix different kinds of parts into the same bag, but the disadvantage is that the speed is slow and the output speed of the vibrating hopper is 100~300pcs/min. If the quantity is 20~10000 pieces or the weight range is 20~10000g, the weigher speed is faster about 10~30 bags/min.

Screw Packing Machine

One machine can weigh and pack different kinds of small parts, the disadvantage is about 1~3 multiple pieces per bag, and it can’t mix different parts into the bag. There is another counter machine with a camera that is another choice for you. High precision 1/10000~2/1000 depending on different parts, speed about 5~15 bags/minute if the number is 20~10000, the same machine can pack different kinds of parts at different times, the cost is higher than a normal counter machine.

If you choose a normal counter machine, the number of hoppers you need is based on how many different kinds of parts you want to pack in the same bag. For example, if there are 7 different parts like nuts bolts washers then you have to use 7 hoppers and if you have different mixing options then we need to check if it can be packed with the same machine or add more hoppers.

Second Step: choose the packing machine

There is a bag packing machine or box/carton sealing machine. For the bag packing machine, there are about 8 kinds of different models according to your pouch width and weight range, like 40~150mm,80~200mm,80~300mm…

If you choose a box machine, we have different kinds of machine models according to your box style, ck-bottom or box sealing with glue, and the box size range.

If you choose carton machine, we need to know the thickness and dimension range of your carton as well as the carton style. Different machines for different requirements.

Feeder device: It aims to feed the small parts into the counter or weigher device to save labor costs, or you need to add the parts in 1 ~5 mins. The feeder style is according to the dosing machine you choose.

Benefits of screw packing machines

These are fully automatic machines that can count and package products. They are typically used to count or weigh small parts such as fasteners, nuts, bolts, and screws.

They are accurate, fast machines that provide trouble-free operation throughout their life cycle. In addition to being more than 99% accurate, they can last at least 10 years.

They are easy to install, flexible, and versatile. These machines can count parts and fill, seal, and cut plastic bags.

Spiral wrappers increase capacity while reducing costs. Their automated, fast operation helps save on labor costs.

These machines are both convenient and customizable.

This is a fully automatic count or weighs screws, nut bolts, washers, furniture kits, hardware parts, fasteners, and small parts into pouches or boxes according to your requirement. High precision and fast, save labor costs.

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