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How To Choose The Right Multi-lane Packing Machine?

Multilane Stick Packing Machine is an upgraded version of the Vertical Form Fill Seal, matched with the measuring device to automatically complete the measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, and cutting. The VFFS machine produces one pouch at a time, and the multi-track stick-packing machine produces multiple sachets at a time (the number of tracks determines the number of bags).

The machine is used for packaging liquids, powders, granules, or other small products, such as Ketchup honey sauce coffee sugar shampoo cream desiccant, splitting them into multiple lanes (usually 2 lanes, 4 lanes, 8 lanes, 12 lanes, etc.) to output multiple pouches simultaneously from a rolled film. Multi-lane packaging machines are especially suitable for small packaging, single-serving portions, or diversified product packaging to enhance packaging efficiency.

How to choose the right multi-lane packing machine? Several factors usually take precedence.

  1.  ProductsFeature:

Measurement and Filling Parts can be roughly selected based on the shape, size, weight, and other factors of your product. Granules are generally measured with volumetric cups, powders are measured with augers, and liquids are measured with pumps.

  1. Bag Types:

Consider factors like bag material (plastic, paper, woven, etc.), bag size, closure way(side seal, back seal, etc.), and any specific bag features required (e.g., straight cut, zig-zag cut, round corner cut, irregular bag or specialty bags).

  1. Production Capacity:

Determine your production volume, which includes the number of bags you need to fill and seal per hour or per day. You can determine the number of lanes of the machine based on the speed of a single lane of the machine.

  1. OptionVacuum Loader


    Tear notch

    Date coding, inkjet printer

    Finished products conveyor

    Bag opening device

    Ultraviolet sterilization device

5. Space and Layout:

Consider the available space in your facility for the packing machine. Ensure that it can be installed and integrated into your production line efficiently.

6. Budget Constraints:

Determine your budget for purchasing a multilane packing machine. Be prepared to balance your needs with your budget.

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