How to pack the mobile chargers and cables?

Mobile phones are the best-selling consumer electronics products, and their accessories such as chargers, cables, and power banks are in great demand in the market. Factories are mass-produced and packaged to meet customer needs.

At present, most factories are still operated by manual assembly lines, and some companies have introduced advanced equipment to complete the standardized packaging process efficiently. One of our customers first purchased cartoning machine for chargers, and after half a year they purchased another cartoning machine for cable, which not only solved the difficulty of recruiting workers in the factory, and high labor costs but also met the customer’s growing demand for orders.

The gift box is the first choice for a mobile charger or cable, it looks high-end, and environmental protection.

The package of chargers in our video is an inner tray + gift box + black hook, so we customized the automatic cartoning machine according to the packaging process.

The charger is manually inserted into the inner tray and placed on the conveyor belt to move forward. After the cartoning machine detects the incoming charger, it grabs the gift box through the suction cup, automatically opens the box, folds the box, and the pushing mechanism load the charger into the box. At the same time, the vibrating plate screens out black hook one by one in an orderly manner and is intelligently and accurately installed on the carton by the manipulator. The ear folding mechanism completes the sealing of both ends of the box, and the finished product is delivered. The speed is 40 boxes/minute, 20,000 pieces a day.

Auto Box Packing Machines for cables also use a range of sensors and mechanisms to automate the packaging process. The  Loader placed the user manual on the synchronized conveyor, then the cable is also placed on the conveyor. The synchronous conveyor brings the cables to the push station, The Cartoning- Machine senses the cable and opens the box. The  Cable is loaded into the box with the user manual and sealed for output. 

Automatic Cartoning Machine customized to handle a wide range of product types, sizes, and packaging styles.
Low operating costs, ensure consistent, uniform packaging, and replace a large amount of labor, thus reducing overall packaging costs.

Contact us for our automatic packing machine and say goodbye to the slow and labor-intensive packaging process.

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