Lifting external vacuum packaging machine

The lifting external vacuum packaging machine adopts a long air nozzle design, and the air nozzle length can be adjusted freely from 0–200MM. In addition to the automatic lift transmission design, just press the lift switch. Automatically raise or lower to the appropriate vacuum position, so that the pumping and inflation speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the operation is simple. At the same time, it has the functions of vacuuming and inflating or filling mixed gas packaging (optional) and inflating functions: (CO2, N1, etc.) it is easy to use the packaging to preserve freshness.

Lifting external vacuum packaging machine


Lifting external vacuum packaging machine is vacuum or nitrogen-filled sealing packaging for electronic components, hardware, meat, dry goods, cloth wool products, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, pharmaceuticals, plastic raw materials, food, chemical raw materials, etc. It can achieve anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, moisture-proof and other fresh-keeping, and quality-preserving effects.


Model WEQ 600 OL 700 OL  800 OL 900OL 1000 OL 1200 OL
Sealing size mm 600*8  700*8 800*8  900*8  1000*8  1200*8
Voltage 380V(220V)50/60H,3ph
Pump Power No oil pump 0.37KW/ oil pump 0.75KW(pneumatic pump, no electricity required)
Sealing Power 1 KW 1.1 KW 1.2 KW 1.3 KW 1.4 KW 1.6 KW
Packing speed 1~3 circle/min
Adjust Distance Horizontal distance 690-1420mm  Vertical distance990-1490mm
Overall size mm  950*960*1800 950*960*1800 950*960*1800 1250*960*1800 1250*960*1800 1330*960*1800
Net weight 120kg 125kg 130kg 155kg 175kg 215kg

Machine Detail Picture

Lifting external vacuum packaging machine




Machine Feature:

1 LCD liquid crystal display

Using a 3.9-inch LCD liquid crystal display, all information is clear at a glance, 10 kinds of stored program working modes, you can call up a working mode in the stored program at any time when using, it becomes simple and does not need any adjustment.

2 Long exhaust nozzles

The air suction nozzle adopts an arc-shaped design, the surface is polished and smooth, and the protective bag is not easy to be punctured. The length of the air suction nozzle can be adjusted.

3 Upper and lower sealing brackets

This machine is designed with a large aluminum-magnesium alloy mold and is designed with high-temperature resistant silicon material and internal and external double-adhesive sealing strips.

4 Head tilt adjustment system

This machine adopts the operation angle of the head of the body, which can be adjusted at will from 0 to 90 degrees, and different packaging methods are selected for different packaging.

5 Lifting drive system

Made of 304# stainless steel with a thickness of 4.5MM. Automatic lift transmission and positioning system design, just press the (lift, drop switch) to automatically or drop to the position you need, the vacuuming speed is fast, improving work efficiency and saving labor.

6 Emergency stop switch

The equipment is equipped with an emergency stop switch, which can be pressed to terminate all ongoing work in the event of an abnormal situation to ensure personal safety

7 Food grade 304 stainless steel body

The device body is made of 304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust resistance and durability. To ensure stable and long-lasting operation of the machine in various working environments。

8 Optional Modified Atmosphere Mixer

It is suitable for the packaging of fresh meat, cooked meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cakes, and other foods, which well maintains the original taste, color, nutrition and preservation period of the food. Or three kinds of fresh-keeping gases such as (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) and other gases are mixed and filled into the packaged items to meet the different needs of users to achieve the best fresh-keeping effect.

9 Cleaning function

This machine is the first to use the cleaning function to clean the inside of the exhaust nozzle. Dirt and dust, protect duct clean

10 Large filter

We install filters independently for each device, to effectively protect the service life of the vacuum pump.

11 Transformer

The company uses high-quality new copper core wire production, using real materials is the premise of good quality.

12 AirTAC Pneumatic Components

Using Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components, the quality is reliable and stable, and the work failure caused by the quality of the components is avoided.

13 Eight working modes

(1) Sealing (2) Vacuum → Sealing (3) Gas filling → Sealing

(4) Vacuum → gas filling → sealing (5) gas filling → vacuum → sealing

(6) Vacuum→gas filling→vacuum→sealing

(7) Gas filling→vacuum→gas filling→sealing

(8) Vacuum→gas filling→vacuum→gas filling→sealing can be selected at will, one machine is multi-purpose

14 Leakage protection system

In order to use safety, our company has installed a leakage protection system for each unit to protect the safety of operators.

15 Heating internals

The copper forming heating support is equipped with a spring device, and the service life of the heating support is improved by the adjustment of the hot and cold spring. In addition, the circulating flow of cooling water is designed to reduce the temperature of the heating strip, make the heating support structure, and greatly improve the work efficiency

16 Pneumatic pump

This machine adopts a pneumatic pump, its characteristics: no electricity, no oil, minimum noise, quick response to pumping, no vibration, no maintenance and repair. Applicable to various industries and can meet the dust-free purification production environment.

17 Different working modes, diversified choices

Lifting external vacuum packaging machine

18 Different angles of inclination, suitable for different packaging methods

19 Optional vacuum pump

20 For the Package Material

Up film: Sealable PE Film, with or without print

Down film:

21 Tips

Air compressor need

Need 3 Phase voltage


Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.


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