The customer is exploring the possibility of implementing automated packaging for the Ryabchik meat snacks. These snacks consist of dried slices of chicken breast fillet infused with spices. We are examining various packaging options for these snacks, considering packages weighing 30 and 50 grams. The specific dimensions of the package are provided below. It’s important to note that each slice’s size and weight may vary, as depicted in the attached photo. Additionally, it’s essential to explore the feasibility of including oxygen/moisture absorbers within the packaging due to the product’s moisture content, which ranges from 5% to 10%. The slices are approximately 1 mm thick and possess a slight waviness. It is worth noting that the size and weight of each slice are uneven, see the photos attached. Also, it is necessary to consider the possibility of packing oxygen/moisture absorbers in the package.

The meat slice stand-up pouch size

The meat slices

Oxygen/moisture absorbers in the package

No.  Clause of the technical task  Requirements
1 Legislative acts and standards The equipment must comply with Ukrainian legislation, EU legislation, and directives.
The equipment must meet the requirements of European food safety standards.
Measurements must be by the International System of Units.
All measuring devices must have certificates of verification.
2 Type of equipment A doy-pack packaging machine with the ability to form a package, dose the product into the package, and dose the gas medium.
Additional option: the possibility of dosing sachets – oxygen absorber
A mandatory requirement is the availability of service support for dosing equipment in Ukraine.
3 Product to be dosed Dry product – dry meat slices (chips) from chicken fillet
4 Product temperature + 25°С
5 Ambient temperature in the packaging area +12°С
6 Product dimensions pieces sizes (30 g) – 65×45 mm, 50×80 mm, 60×70 mm, 40×25 mm, 35×30 mm, weight 1-5 g, pieces weighing less than 1 g are possible
pieces sizes (50 g) – 65×120 mm (maximum in a package), 60×80 mm, 50×76 mm, 40-60×60-75 mm (most of them), 22-25×40-42 mm (smallest pieces), weight – 1-8 g, pieces weighing less than 1 g are possible
Additional products are available with a diameter of 4-5 mm, thickness – 1.5-3 mm, weight 1-2 g/each
7 Number of pieces of product in 1 package From 15 to 55 pieces depending on the weight of the package and the size of the pieces
8 Weight of the package working 30g, 50g
9 Packaging weight deviations permitted by law 30g ± 9%; 50g ± 9%
10 Capacity 6 – 12 pieces (3.2 3.3 or 3.4 format)
Possibility to work with two packaging formats – 3.2 and 3.3. 3.4 bi-pack format – on technical possibility
11 Number of strokes of the thermoforming machine  up to 85 beats/minute
up to 50 beats/minute
12 Approximate dimensions of packaging formats 1. The first package with approximate dimensions: outer 215 x 161 mm, inner 198 x 144 mm, shape with a slope to the bottom, and stiffening ribs.
2. Second package with approximate dimensions: outer 143.33 x 161 mm, inner 126.33 x 144 mm.
3. Two-piece package with approximate dimensions: outer 107.5 x 161 mm, inner 90.5 x 144 mm.
The depth of the package is from 20 to 70 mm. The manufacturer should adjust the dimensions of the packages according to the technical requirements for the equipment configuration, but they should not change significantly
13 Control
14 Sink Appropriate protection class for hand washing and disinfection equipment IP67. Availability of a CIP washing and disinfection unit.
15 The ceiling height of the room up to 4 m
16 Equipment maintenance
17 Conveyors The price of the offered goods includes the necessary feeding conveyors for feeding the product to the multi-head. Specify the dimensions of the conveyors, including length and width.
18 Equipment operating hours 12-hour shifts, two shifts per day with breaks. Seven working days a week
19 Additional options 1. Systems for distributing the product into molds to meet the requirements of the packaging machine. With the possibility of changing the tool for use on the same packaging machine for different package sizes or quantities.
2. Automatic product conveying and feeding systems to the system scales, fully synchronized with the scales, to ensure a constant and uniform product flow by the specified weight tolerances and productivity of the packaging process.
3. Hygienic platform for tool washing.
20 Services provided  – supervision and commissioning services;
– engineering documentation in the scope;
– equipment drawings with process description;
– full technical characteristics and description of equipment functions, including equipment position, dimensions, weight, material, image of each position, availability of drive and data on installed sensors, installed power (kW) of each unit of equipment, data on energy consumption, characteristics and parameters of energy carriers, static and dynamic loads of equipment on building structures, drawings and characteristics of utility connection points, indicating diameters, dimensions in plans, requirements for the composition and characteristics of the equipment.
21 Materials of construction food grade stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316

Our solution

We have double-checked the file and pictures, please see below our reply.

1. the size and weight of each slice are uneven
—it’s ok, we have packed similar Beef slices and dried mangoes, pls see the videos below.

2.  packing oxygen/moisture absorbers in the package
—yes, we have packed this before, we have 2 methods.
A. You purchase the oxygen/moisture absorbers in single pieces like your picture, and then we can feed them via a vibrating hopper, filling them one by one into the bag before sealing. The disadvantage is that the vibrating hopper will fill 1~3 pcs of oxygen/moisture absorbers in a bag as the hopper is unable to control the quantity sometimes. pls, see below a similar video we made before.

B. You purchase the oxygen/moisture absorbers in rolls, not single pieces, we will have a machine to cut and feed one by one. this method is more stable, we can ensure 1 bag in each package. Please see the below video.

3. We suggest changing this hole to a circle, as your sample hole easily tears when the machine automatically opens the bag.

4. According to your bag size we suggest our Model No.WE-200, speed is 20~25 bags per min, tolerance 30g±9%,50g±9%.

Our standard machine speed is about 40 bags per minute, and the weigher speed able to be 60 bags per minute, but the size and weight of each slice are uneven, so the weigher speed will be slower and we need to add one cylinder to push the meat slice into bag, your bag with zip, so packing machine speed also slower.

For more machine information pls see our product  Meat snacks packaging equipment with multi-head doser.

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