New Shipped Box Packing Machine Applications

With the continuous advancement of technology, industries across the board are constantly seeking more efficient and intelligent production methods. In this context, the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as case packers, case erectors and sealers, box taping machines, and cardboard box folding machines is revolutionizing the way we approach packaging solutions. Recently, we have shipped some  Box Packaging Machines and now share 4 customized cases for your reference packaging scheme.

1. Boxed Ice Cream Packaging Machine with Automatic Case Sealer

This boxed ice cream packaging machine, equipped with an automatic case sealer, is a masterpiece of industrial intelligence. The ice cream travels in a continuous line through the conveyor, and the box-dividing mechanism cleverly separates the boxes into three columns. The robotic hand extracts 2×3 ice creams at a time, precisely placing them in the boxes. After four extractions, the boxes undergo automatic folding and sealing, completing the entire process efficiently and accurately without the need for manual intervention.

2. Multi-functional Material Sorting and Case Packer

This multi-functional material sorting, integrated with a horizontal cartoning machine, boasts a unique design. The material sorting mechanism arranges 5 boxes at a time, repeating the process 5 times. Once neatly stacked, the pushing mechanism delivers 5×5 boxes to a horizontally positioned box. The packaging machine, equipped with a case packer, automatically folds the edges and seals the boxes using hot melt glue, completing the entire process seamlessly. Its efficient sorting and packaging capabilities make it a remarkable asset on the production line.

3. Intelligent Frozen Dumpling Packaging Machine with Case Erector 

This packaging machine, centered around a robotic arm, grabs three bags of frozen dumplings from the conveyor belt in each cycle, repeating the process six times. It precisely places the dumplings into the paper box, with the carton erector machine executing the box folding. This innovative design not only improves packaging efficiency but also reduces manual labor intensity.

4. Bottle Products Case Packer Line

The automatic case packer line, with the specially designed bottle free drop into the box, ingeniously solves the challenge of liquid packaging. 250ml liquid bottles are conveyed in a continuous line and divided into three columns. The material handling mechanism arranges the bottles in a 3×4 pattern, and automatically drops them into boxes. An automatic case sealer then seals the boxes, enhancing the overall process’s efficiency and safety.

The highlights of these four packaging machine case studies lie in their innovative designs and high levels of intelligence, integrating advanced technologies such as case packers, case erectors and sealers, and horizontal box packing machines. They undoubtedly propel the production standards in their respective industries to a new level. In the future, we can anticipate even more convenience and benefits from such cutting-edge packaging machine technologies.

In conclusion, our commitment is to provide flexible and customized box packaging machine solutions based on the distinct packaging needs and application scenarios of different clients. While the ultimate goal is to achieve efficient and precise packaging, we emphasize crafting personalized solutions tailored to specific business requirements, integrating advanced technologies like case packers, case erectors and sealers, and horizontal box packing machines. This flexibility and customization ensure the widespread applicability of our box packaging machines across various industries, meeting diverse packaging needs and bringing greater convenience and efficiency to production lines.

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