Hardware packing machine

Furniture accessories packaging machine

Today we introduce one of our standard accessories counting packing machine widely used in the furniture filed.After staff put the enough screws ,plug,door hinge,eccentric gear , eccentric rod furniture accessories into each vibrating hopper and input the quantity for each part then machine will begin to counting and packing the parts into one bag , finish sealing, cutting , printing is optional if you need.

hardware packing machine in Indonesia in

Counting packing machine in Indonesia

This is counting packing machine with 10 hoppers we made for our customers from Indonesia  .It help them counting the different kind of parts like screws, wooden, nuts, washer, plug into the bag according to their quantity and kinds of product requirement.Save cost!Each hopper is separately controlled ,staff can edit the parameter on the touch screen, use fridendly. Change the quantity or speed.

Double chamber tea bag packing machine

Double chamber tea bag packing machine

The tea bag machine Model DXDC10 is a kind of automatic and intelligent double chamber machine. It makes double chamberfilter bags which are cold-sealed. The machine links up hard tag, thread and filter bag with staple. The outer envelope is cold-sealed or heat-sealed, and it is controlled by PLC. The end products are counted, grouped and packed into box automatically.