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Non-woven Heating Bag Ultrasonic Sealing Packaging Machine For Korean Customers

The customer is a food service company from South Korea with 20 years of management experience. It strives to provide healthy food with the best and most reliable raw materials. Our machine packs the heating powder in the self-heating pot for them. Below is their requirement.

Product: Self-heating powder
Machine packing powder into non-woven fabric and wrap the non-woven sachet into an aluminum film outside bag.
The film width of the outer bag is 240 mm, 20 mm for the sealing area (10mm + 10mm), pillow bag
The film width of the inner bag is 200 mm,17mm for the sealing area(7+7mm), three-side sealing bag
Volume: 60g/bag
Speed: 40 bags per min
Printing date: normal date numbers

Our solution

Feeder + non-woven bag packing machine+end weigher + finished conveyor+ outside pillow bag packing machine, we will connect the 2 packing machines but still need one person to help place the bag on the horizontal wrap machine. Our machine photos and video are as follows.

Operation video for ultrasonic packing machine

Daily Maintenance Of Equipment

  1.  If the machine is not used for a few days, the heating powder needs to be cleaned out of the machine. The heating powder tends to stick to the machine. The loading machine can use the powder return switch to automatically pour the powder out of the silo, and then use the air pipe to clean the remaining powder inside the machine.
  2. Turn on the loading machine detection switch. When the powder in the packaging machine bin is lower than a certain position, the detection switch will send a signal to the loading machine to start loading. When the material is full, it will stop loading. The lack of powder in the packaging machine will affect the packaging measurement accuracy of the packaging machine. All loading inspections can ensure that there is enough powder in the silo and the measurement accuracy.
  3. Turn on the knocking function and adjust the vibration intensity according to the actual powder volume and viscosity to reduce powder sticking to the machine.
  4. The fan can help dissipate heat from the sealing mold, which is beneficial to the sealing effect and the service life of the mold,
  5. When the sealing of the non-woven fabric is not firm, the parameters of the ultrasonic generator can be adjusted. The parameters of the ultrasonic frequency and sealing time will be different according to the material, thickness, and sealing time of the non-woven fabric.
  6. The tool light helps to inspect the machine and check the sealing performance of the non-woven fabric.
  7. You can set the target number of packages, and the machine can automatically stop after packaging the set number of packages.
  8. When officially packaging, be sure to turn on the unloading button on the screen. If the safety door is sometimes opened, the unloading button will automatically close. Remember to reopen it so that the machine can unload and package normally.

Suggestion for the material thickness and width
Heat powder 60g, we suggest a bag width of 100mm(film width 200 mm), and out bag width of 110mm (film width 240mm). If the film width is 260mm, the outer bag machine package is not compact enough, and the bag seal is easy to wrinkle, as shown in the video. If the film width is 230mm, the film is too narrow, the cutter wheel is too low, and the bag is easily stuck at the cutter wheel position after being filled with powder, as shown in the video. Therefore, it is recommended that the outer bag film width is 240mm.

Wrap machine suitable for package material thickness no more than 0.07mm, if over then the sealing effect is not so good. If it is an aluminum film, it is easy to have pull marks.

Shipping & Package

For more machine details pls see our product page



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