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Nut Bolt Counting Packing Machine for Customer from the USA

Customer requirement

Product: Nut 6 pcs and bolt 6 pcs per bag

        Nut 8 pcs and bolt 8 pcs per bag

Bag Material: Hot seal roll film, machine make the bag

Film Width:260mm

Voltage:480v 3 phase, 60 Hz

Requirement for Counting accuracy: very high

Our Solution

Small packing machine with 2hoppers, one hopper for short bolt and longer bolt, one hopper for smaller nut and bigger nut, one hopper able to pack similar size products at different times. The worker manually puts about 10 kg of spare parts in the hopper, sets the quantity via touch screen, and presses start, the machine will fully automatically count according to the target quantity, one by one following into detect box, if the quantity is wrong then the detect box will open left so the wrong quantity spare part will follow into reject box if quantity is right then detected box will open right so the right quantity spare part will follow into packing machine tube. At the same time, the packing machine forms the roll film into a bag, waits for the spare part, then seals the bag and cuts one circle again.

Machine test result

6 pcs nut and 6 pcs bolt per bag

Speed: 12bags/min


8 pcs biger nut and 8 pcs longer bolt per bag

Speed: 8bags/min


Machine video

Machine details


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