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Packaging Machine For Self-heating Hotpot

Why is the self-heating hot pot so popular?

No fire or electricity is needed. Flameless ration heaters are easy to carry and can warm wine, drinks, bowls of porridge, four dishes and one soup, bagged food, and canned food from 40°C to 90°C. The natural aroma is stimulated by the temperature, taste it carefully to find the gentle, smooth, mellow, and heart-warming fragrance. Green, environmentally friendly, and high temperature resistant, it can help you improve your market competitiveness, product quality, and applicable space,  quickly occupy a huge market share.

Easy to carry, easy to use, and not affected by external factors, it is suitable for home travel, car friends, travel companions, mountaineering, fishing, outings, military training, long-distance drivers, earthquake relief, geological exploration, field workers eating, washing face, bathing, and soaking feet. A must-have item for outdoor sports. (It generates heat in any environment from minus 30 degrees Celsius to normal temperature. Add salt to the heating water in winter and it will not freeze.)

The heating principle of a self-cooking hot pot comes from the heating bag inside the packaging box. This flameless heater has a wide range of uses. The main ingredients are sodium carbonate, roasted diatomaceous earth, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt, and quicklime. When cold water is poured into a bag, it can be heated to more than 150°C, and the steam temperature can reach 200℃, which can be used to steam and cook food.
Heat packs for food come in different recipes but generally include four categories of ingredients. The most important thing is quicklime, whose scientific name is calcium oxide. When it comes into contact with water, it can produce hydrated lime, whose scientific name is calcium hydroxide. In this process, it releases a large amount of heat and is the main source of heat for instant hotpot.
Secondly, the heating pack contains components such as diatomite and activated carbon, which are typical adsorbents. Its loose and porous structure is conducive to the attachment of various active ingredients, full contact, and chemical reactions. Heating packs usually also contain sodium carbonate, calcium hydride, magnesium sulfate, and other salts, which are mainly used to absorb trace amounts of moisture that penetrate into the package and prevent oxidation. Calcium gradually loses its effectiveness while playing a supporting role in chemical reactions.
In addition, iron powder and aluminum powder are also commonly found in heating packs, which can release a small amount of heat by reacting with oxygen. It can also form a “primary battery” effect with activated carbon, moisture, and salt, releasing heat through oxidation-reduction reactions. The  MRE heater itself does not come into contact with food, and the ingredients inside are not mysterious. As long as you avoid burns, you can eat it with confidence!

1. The heating start time is slow and the heating time is not long enough to cook the food.
2. The heating bag leaked powder during the heating process. After the heating pot was heated, the heating pack was damaged, causing stomach and throat discomfort due to accidental ingestion. Please be careful to choose safe and well-known brand manufacturers of self-heating pots. When using, please note that if white powder emerges from the edge of the package after heating, or if the heating package cracks, do not eat it. If you do not eat it accidentally, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Excellent heating material formula technology, better heating effect, no powder leakage, no bag explosion, high thermal efficiency, and long duration; suitable non-woven packaging materials and cold sealing ultrasonic equipment ensure that the heating bag does not leak powder or explode the bag.

We, WEPACK have been specializing in flameless heater packaging machinery for 19 years. We are one of the first companies in China to develop ultrasonic products. We have invention patents and have rich experience in packaging materials and machines.

According to our experience, the following details affect the stability of the non-woven seal:
1. The weight of non-woven fabric is recommended to be 100, 120~130gsm. 80gsm is not recommended as it is easy to leak powder.

2. Bag width 85~100mm, film width 170 and 200.
3. 60~100g per bag, no need to change the screw.
4. Use a horizontal screw for more accurate measurement. If the measurement exceeds the range, the entire unit needs to be replaced.
5. It is recommended to add an elevator to keep the hopper in a stable position and maintain the accuracy of the screw.
6. The stability of the electrode generator and the quality of the titanium steel grinding tool determine the stability of the bag seal.

Now take a look at the packaging machine that needs to be used for the self-heating hot pot.

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