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Packaging Machine to Pack the Plastic Products for Customer from Belgium

Customer requirement

Bag Material: Hot seal roll film, machine making bag

Film Width:180mm 280mm 320mm

Voltage:230V 50Hz single phase

Requirement for Counting accuracy: very high

The customer has 6 kinds of different packaging options, details as below.

 #1   3 different products in a bag
length of plastic part 43.5mm,4 pcs
big screw 40.5mm,4 pcs
small screw 9.4mm, 2 pcs
#2   1 kind of product in a bag
Length of plastic part 20.5mm 4 pcs
#3   1 kind of product in a bag
Diameter 19mm, 6 pcs
#4   1 kind of product in a bag
Diameter 19mm, 100 pcs, same as point 3 but another color
#5   1 kind of product in a bag
Length of pieces 60.8mm, 6 pcs
#6    1 kind of product in a bag                                                                                                Length of pieces 113mm, 6 pcs                                                                                         infeed of products by an external robot

Our solution is 3 sets of packing machines to meet their requirement.

1. One set WE-LS3 for Option#1 as there are 3 different kinds of products in one bag.

2 . One set WE-LS3 for Options #2#3#4, one hopper is for #2, the other 2 hoppers are for #3 and #4 as the plastic is the same just different color, 2 hoppers counting 100 pcs together, speed will be faster.

3 . One set packing machine without hoppers for options #5 and #6, it can manually feed or combine with the customer’s robot system.

You can add this feeder so it will fully automatically feed the materials into the hopper instead of manually.

Finally show you the packing machine details.

We are a manufacturer in China and specialized in counting packaging machines for 19 years! Our machine is able to pack the screws bolt nut hardware or plastic spare parts …into the bag box carton. Please contact us at www.worldepack.com

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