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Packing Machine For Bolt and Bushing-Customer From Spain

This is our customer from Spain,they can customize the full range of bearings and adapt to each customer’s specific needs. They need a packing machine for their bolt and bushing like the below requirement.


1 Bolt :Ø5,2×24  50 pcs per bag, 3.75g/pcs, PE bag ,bag size 75×100 mm

2 Bushing: Ø22×10  50 pcs per bag,22g/pcs, PE bag, bag size 180×200 mm

* Bolt bag into the bushing bag like picture

3 Printer and sticker machine: size 50*50mm

4 Finish Conveyor

5 End Weigher Checker

Approximately 14,000 packages/year

Accuracy of 100% good packaging

Our Solution

The vibrating hopper is suitable for bolts, but an easy scratch on the surface of the bushing so we suggest the belt visual counting machine for the bushing. Customers need to pack bolt bags into bigger bushing bags and prefer one machine to realize it so we suggest a link bag. Auto PE bag machine is suitable for PE material and makes link bag. 2 pcs of vibrating hopper and one set visual counting machine combine with auto bag machine like the below picture. For more explanation pls see below our communication with the customer.

Our factory: We have a single visual counting machine for bushing now and hopper counting machine but not suitable for bolt counting, and a single link bag packing machine, but they are 3 different machines, we have to customize and combine the 3 parts together so we can make your exact link bag, pls understand. so we can only show you video visual counting bushing now, or manually feeding bushing and bolt into the link bag packing machine.

From the machine test video, you will see bushing fall into the first bag, and one empty bag and bolt fall into the third bag. This is because we set 2 link bags for the packing machine, but we don’t have the hopper combined together now so there is no packing signal to the second bag for the bolt, so the machine will not open the second bag, and visual counting parts put signal to packing machine again so machine opens the bag and we manually put the bolt into it then cut. If we customized the machine, combined with 2 hoppers, there is no second empty bag, it will be like the attached sample link bag we manually sealed to show you the sealing effect first.  From the picture of the sample, the length is the same for the 2 link bags, but your customer can decide each bag length via the roll film, shorter for the bolt a small volume of 50 pcs than a bushing.

1. Feeding Parts

Customer: I have carried out the vibration feed test of the bearing in a feed bowl of our plant (first video) and I have been able to observe that the bushings are marked superficially, which can generate a non-conformity on the part of the customer. The feeding system of Bushing can’t be by vibrations. The bushing must be free of any scratches or marks on the surface for that reason we think the best option will be a rotary feeding system or conveyor (see the video attached) loading feeding system.

The feeding system of the bolts must be by vibration bowl feeding system “with glue on the surface”(see the image)

This bolts packaging machine will be connected to the bushing packaging machine automatically to get the final complete KIT

Our Factory:

We have packed bearings before but a little different from yours, and not easily marked. Our hopper with glue on the surface to reduce the friction, but not sure of the effect of the friction on the bearings themselves. Please see attached picture and below video.

If you mean the below rotary feeder? it’s not suitable for it. More friction for the bearing’s surface. We have similar feeders but if use plastic on the surface like your picture then the diameter size only be about 850mm, if too big then plastic is not durable. The out speed would be about 50~60 pcs per min.

Maybe this conveyor line is suitable for your products. I mean the first conveyor line is not the same as the horizontal wrap machine, the conveyor line with our packing machine. For the conveyor, normally we suggest 8M, but if you think it’s too long then 4.7M also be ok.

Our Factory: I mean how do your bushing comet to the rotary /conveyor so we can know how to design? do you manually put some of them on the rotary /conveyor or connected with some device?

The Customer: The operator will put the bushing parts manually in the rotary or conveyor feeder like the bolts in the vibration bowl feeder.

The bushings will come storage in KLT plastic BOX so the operator must take them and deposit them in the feeding system that you design (rotary or conveyor)

Our Factory: What’s your requirement for the packing speed?

The Customer: For us, 5-6 complete KITS per min, will be enough.

Our Factory: The speed of the packing machine is about 6~8 bags per min, which means the sorting device needs to be about 300~400 pcs per min, and normally the conveyor is separate the bushing one by one via the speed so 4.7M is already the shortest.

This conveyor system includes several different parts to ensure the bushing is separated one by one pcs.

For the rotary table,  outspeed is 40~50 pcs per min, so means only 1 bag per min if 50 pcs per bag. or you can add 6 pcs or a rotary table, but also need to add the system to manage the 6 tables to sort the bushing in returns, the price is almost the same with the conveyor, but more complicated.

The Customer: So the rotary table (low velocity) and bowls vibration (avoid marks) feeders are excluded. Which other feeding system do you have that can ensure the feeding velocity and avoid superficial marks in the bush? Please discuss this with your team and send us a solution.

Our Factory: We suggest the below visual counting packing machine, customized for the parts which are easy to scratch. Speed is about 4~5 bags, and counting accuracy is about 1/10000, including feeder and conveyor.

2. Packing machine part

The Customer: Do you see it possible to automatize the kit packaging in the following way? Is it possible to make the new kit configuration on a single machine?

Bolt :Ø5,2×24  50 pcs per bag, 3.75g/pcs, PEbag ,bag size 75×100 mm

Bushing: Ø22×10  50 pcs per bag,22g/pcs, PE bag, bag size 180×200 mm

“50 bolts in a PE bag of 75×100 mm + 50 bushings inside of the PE bag of 180x200mm with a sticker o 50x50mm”

Our Factory: If you need a small bag into a big bag then means one machine to count and pack bolts first then send the small bags into the bushing packing machine. similar to the below type but the packing machine is different.

if so then add a conveyor to automatically move the small bag from the output of the bolt packing machine to the input of the big bag bushing bag packing machine. or you manually put the small bag into the input of bag former of bag packing machine.

If you prefer a unique machine for making the complete kits then if you can accept the link bag? the first bag was for 50 pcs bolt and the second bag for 50 pcs bushing then the machine cut the bag, so  2 bags together.

Pls see the below machine video, add visual counting parts for bushing counting like video 1, and combine with video 2, 2 hoppers counting the bolt (to meet the 4~5 bags per min)and with this packing machine which able to make link bag. The feeder and conveyor are like video 3.

The Customer: VFFS machine pack?

Our factory: VFFS packing machine is able to make pe link bag, but the falling distance from the hopper to the bottom of the bag should be about 1.4M, damage for the products.

If you can accept the Maximum bag width to be 150mm and the bag material is a composite film like PE+BOPP or OPP PET then our one set small packing machine is ok, so one machine makes link bag, no need another machine to counting bolt first.

Normal tubular pe bag machine is unable to make link bag as they use the attached video 1 roll film.

The auto bag machine is suitable for the roll film like the attached video. Fixed length with the dotted line premade pe bag, so the machine opens the bag and fills the bushing or bolt then sealing, cut after 2 bags. it means your customer needs to prepare the fixed-length link bag according to their requirement. If they need to change the bag length then the machine is able to pack but they need to change another length of roll film.

3. Packing machine able to be connected with the bushing assemble machine in the future

The Customer: In the future, we plan to purchase a machine to assemble the bushing assembly, which will later be packaged using the WE-200LS2 system. My question is the following, how do you see connecting the 2 machines in the future? My idea is to connect the output of the assembly machine and the input of the packaging system by a conveyor belt excluding the bearing feeder and include the counting system of bowl output on the conveyor belt.

Our Factory: From your drawing, it looks like a sorting machine, we connect this machine before, and we suggest connecting the output of the assembly machine and the input of our packing machine. but we don’t know the output height of your sorting machine, our machine’s input height is about 814mm.

4. Label Sticker

On the other hand, we are defining the final sticker that the KIT must have in the packaging, attached I send you our first proposal (see the PPT). Do you have any automatic label maker to incorporate into the WE-200LS2 machine?

Please see the testing effect we made for you in sizes 30*30mm and 50*50mm with a printer.

For the label sticker, we can’t show you the testing effect now but show you the machine video with our machine before. The machine will print and stick it on the bag before packing. Or you can produce the label first and make them be one roll, order one sticker machine, and just stick it on the bag.

5. The Customer: pls help us order the sample you there.

Our factory: For the samples, we try to purchase from China, but if you are sticky in the surface scratch then we suggest you can send your exact samples, we can test with the above machine now. As with a sample from China, we do not ensure if same effect. Please let me know if your bushing or bolt with oil on the surface, the sample we buy with some oil.

6. The Customer: the other company provides us with the packing machine including the plastic film on it, which means that the machine will be dispatched with all the facilities.

Our factory: For the film, sure, we send one roll of film together with a machine for all our customers

Our machine is suitable for PE bags, and your bear needs bags which a thickness is about 0.06mm, which corresponds to G240.so according to our previous plan, we will send you one roll of PE premade bag thickness of 0.06mm according to your size 200*300mm without a logo. If you need a logo then the bags supplier has to make a model according to your design, need a sample cost, pls understand. at least 250kg, about usd$950, 1 week to finish for you.

7. The Customer: Finally, we realized that you offered EXW incoterm. This is not possible for us. Any chance that you offer DAP Bergara (Spain)? If not, at least we need you to offer FOB (Guangzhou? or Shenzhen?)

Our factory: We can make FOB Guangzhou but need to add the basic cost. Normally we make EXW because we do not ensure what’s cost from the customer cargo.it is much different.

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