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Packing Machine For Desiccant Of Automobile Condenser 

Customer Requirement

We are making automobile parts for Ford and Mazda. Now I have a chance to get some orders for Avtovaz (Russia) about desiccant. So, I request a quotation (Automatic packing MC with welding) from your company. It has to be 220v 50Hz. Just put XH-7 or XH-9 on the bag, then cut and weld. The machine has 220V 50 Hz (Thailand electric spec), Control panel has to English ver too

Our Solution

We have 2 kinds of machines to pack your products.

1.The standard machine

For this three-sided seal, do the materials inside need to be packed tightly?  Also, can the longitudinal sealing edge be greater than or equal to 5mm, if so it can be used as a standard machine. The speed is 20 bags per minute, price is USD$7200, like the below machine video .pls note when we stand the strip product up, there is about 5cm of space at the top of the bag

2. This is a servo system  

If need to pack it very tightly in a bag and sealing edge below 5mm, then need to use the servo system, special-shaped punching knives, box heightening, non-standard beating devices, and a speed of about 6 bags per min, then the price is about usd$15800(not include the hopper), pls see below machine video we made before. (you mentioned no need to add other devices so no need for the hopper in the video.) If you don’t need a sharp seal like the sample below, you don’t need to add a special-shaped punching knife, which can reduce part of the cost.

Customer’s Question:

1 Is the interface in English language?


2. The servo machine can be product 2nd type and 3rd type that I sent on dwg? If it is possible, does it need any special additions, or just change the punching knife?

—We have made A and B before with one set machine, just change the knife, an additional 880 dollars, and not complicated to change the knife.  for the third type, your drawing c looking like difficult, unable to use the same machine. We need the exact sample picture to confirm if another set machine able to make this.

3. Is it not hard to set up, right? we have an engineer and an electric team. Or does it need special skills or tools for setup?

—just one set machine, almost no setup. Please see the below operation video and case.

4. How much lead time after PO?

—45 days since the deposit

5. Would you tell me the payment condition? Normally, we do 10% after the contract. 60% after shipping, 30% is 1 month later since finish to set up.

—T/T, 30% deposit, 70% after test and before shipping.

Tips: Pls note there are 2 kinds of package material for the desiccant, one kind is nonwoven fabric, machine like the below video

The other is the hot sealing film, a machine like the below video

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