Packing Machine for Fasteners Kit  Customer from Australia

Customer’s Requirement:

We are currently looking at options for a packing machine, mainly used to package hardware. The kits will have different amounts of fasteners

We are flexible on bag type and speed, but counting tolerance is critical to us. Let me know what levels of accuracy are achievable.

Our Solution:

According to your samples, you need 6 hoppers, or you can send us your sample so we can double-check if 4 hoppers are able to pack your parts.

1 Q What’s your machine counting accuracy?

A: We use Regional Optical Fiber from Japan Keyence whose official date counting tolerance is 1/1000 for each hopper, and we add a detect box, it will reject the wrong qty products into the detect box so reject the wrong qty before packing when fiber detects the wrong qty itself,  Pls see the video.

If you can’t accept the 1/1000 counting tolerance for each hopper then you can add the end weigher checker to detect the wrong qty bags.Please see the below video.

We have specialized in counting packing machines for 20 years, rich experience to ensure high accuracy. The main reasons for miscounting are fiber quality, Material moving inertia, and stable hopper vibrating. 

 2 Q What is the difference between the detect box and the end weigher checker? Detect box detecting wrong quantity how? By weighing?

The detect box is an optional device installed between the hopper and the packing machine, when the machine detects the counting qty is wrong, the detect box will open another side to avoid the wrong qty following into the packing machine.  sometimes the counting speed is very fast and one more pc product may follow down before the Hopper cylinder is closed, If the fiber recognizes one more pc then the detect box will open another side and reject the material. please check the video (at 1.15)

But no fiber counting accuracy is 100%, our fiber counting accuracy is 1/1000, but the detect box is unable to recognize the 1/1000, so need an end weigher checker to reject via weight. The weighing checker will reject the finished bags which qty is wrong. Even though the end checker will reject the wrong bag it wastes time and needs workers to tear the wrong bag put it into a different hopper and recount again. Please note if your material has much weight tolerance itself or too many different kinds of material mixed, for example, 50 pcs small washer with a unit weight is 0.5g/pcs, but there is 0.011g weight tolerance itself(0.511g/pcs) then there maybe about 25~25.55g per bag even qty is 50 pcs. when bags with a weight is 25.55g pass through the end weigher, the weight is over the target tolerance of 0.5g, so weigher will reject this bag even if the qty is 50 pcs.

Plesa see the end weigher video

3 Q: Can you please check with your engineers if you can integrate the weight checker into your system? What we need is to check all packed bag right after packing. The solution shown in your video is not acceptable to us: The weight checker is on the ground.

We know for some powder or food packing machines, there is a small end weigher installed at the bottom of the machine just below the cutter, so when the finished bag is cut and followed on the belt weigher then it will detect. 

Real-time monitoring and automatic correction functions are generally used for food or powder. As for the hardware machine, the material itself has deviations, and it is useless to add this function to the hardware machine. The previous package lacks materials, and the next package needs to be added. Each bag has products of different weights.

For the end weigher, pls see below our machine video, we can increase the machine height by leaving space at the bottom and adding the tray, so the finished bag can fall into try and follow to end weigher, not to finished conveyor the end weigher, pls let me know if this what you want? but if this then all machine heights very increase which means the hopper height will increase, your staff difficult to add screws in the hopper each time.

4Q: Can your current printer print the barcode and logo?

The printer can print the barcode and logo, please see the below machine video.

5 Q Packing Bag/Material: Can you please quote the bag/material to be used with your system?

The material is hot sealing composite film like bopp opp pe pet, 2 or 3 layers

A: Please see the material supplier’s email address, you can directly contact them, they know what material you need.


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