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Chips Packing Machine, Packing solution for Pita Chips

We got an inquiry from our regular customer from Canada, he has a new project about pita chip packing.

Customer’s Requirement

Our Solution

  1. For Pita chips,115*75mm, fragile,55g or 150g per bag, we recommend a 14-head weigher for the metering parts. The linear scale the customer mentioned in the video link is unsuitable, cannot be sure of the weighing accuracy, and the chip size is large, especially with a length of 115mm, which will clog.
  2. About the Bag Filler, the customer doesn’t want a production line and a limited height no over 3000mm, so then a small VFFS machine is better.
    We have a small packing machine for chips in pillow bags as the below video link, the speed at 7 bags/minute with 1 head weigher, the speed at 12 bags/minute with 2 heads weigher, the price is very good, a thousand dollar machine.

The weigher of the small packing machine is just suitable for the chip’s size around 50-60mm, so we should change the simple weigher to 14 -heads weigher for customer’s pita chips 115*75mm.

Without the limited by ceiling high, the Most Common Solution for Chips in pouches:

WE-420 Chips packing machine + WE-A14 combination weigher  speed at 50-60 bags/min

 ItemWE-420 Chips packing machine + WE-A14 combination weigher
Capacity50-60 bags/min, it is according to the quality of wrapping and supplies
Bag size(L)60-300mm (W)60-200mm
Film width420mm
Bag typePack with film, upper seal, lower seal, and back seal by automatic bag-making machine.
Filling range150-1300ml
Film thickness0.04-0.09mm
Package materialThermal composite material., like BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE, etc
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
Total powder5.495KW
VoltageFour wire three phases 380V 50HZ
Air compressorNot less than 1 CBM
Total height3.8 m

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