PE TUBULAR FILM BAGGING MACHINE with visual counting system for Plastic parts From Belgium

Customer Requirement

Item Requirement Remark
1 Product/(Picture) Pls see the pictures below
2 Single /Mix Pack One kind of product in each bag,20/100/1000 pcs/bag
3 Bag/Pouch style (Picture) PE tubular Bag
4 Film Material/Thickness 0.08mm
5 Width of film /Pouch size 200mm(ensure whether hopper stuck when parts big)
6 Tolerance 1/10000
7 Speed requirement 6~10 bpm according to products and film
8 Power: v/hz 230V 50Hz single phase
9 Picture of plug      
10 Hole  3mm circle
11 Special requirement one roll of film together with a machine


Our solution: Visual counting machine with PE tubular bag machine

First, there are more than 5 different kinds of products, different shapes, and sizes, and the quantity is 20~1000 pcs per bag, and customers need high counting accuracy. If use a vibrating hopper, the same hopper is only for one kind of similar shape products, and the counting speed is about 200~500 pcs per min, if 1000 pcs per bag then means takes about 2 min per bag. If use a weigher, it takes time to adjust the machine when packing different products, and there will be about 1~3(1%~3%) tolerance, if 20 pcs per bag then means 17~19 bags per min. so we suggest this visual counting machine, counting via an industry light-scan camera, capturing material images so high accuracy and strong compatibility.

For the packing machine part, the customer needs a PE bag and the plastic part is very light so if 1000 pcs per bag then big bag width.  Different bag sizes for different products. If using a VFFS machine, the machine cost is high and the machine is tall and big, if change bag width then has to change bag former and roll film.PE tubular bag machine adopts servo system, machine fully automatically adjust for different bag width, no need to change parts. The machine is smaller and the following distance is only about 40mm, protecting products from damage.

The counting and packing machine we made for this customer, packs different products at different times.

Drawing for visual counting packing machine

Customer sample

Details for automatic visual counting packing machine

1 Machine adopts a high-speed industry CCD camera, when material fall through the camera light recognition area, the line-scan camera will capture the falling product’s shape and other information, then upload it to the control module process center. The powerful algorithm fast analyzes and processes, realizing accurate calculating in time.Scanning speed is 10000 times/s, continuously capturing the complete information from material that falls into the recognition area until leaves out the area. One camera is able to count multiple rows of falling material at the same time.

A high-speed array line-scan camera captures a material image to realize accurate counting in time. The machine will store the different material parameters so you can choose it when you need to pack any of them, saving time.

 Counting as 1 pc if with impurities

The silo can be adjusted for different materials

Coarse control panel + refined panel with 2-3level vibration structure, composition intelligent feeding system to ensure the subcontracting accuracy.

Cache storage room to improve efficiency. After the A storage room reaches the set value drop to the B storage room to wait for replenished material, also the next pack starts counting down to the A storage room, so circulating.

Details for the tubular bag machine

1. The bag opening rate is high, and the machine runs stably.

The machine uses 1 hook instead of 3 hooks, which greatly reduces the demand for an air source, avoids bag opening failure due to an unstable air source, and reduces noise.

Roll film tensioning device and deflection corrector are adopted, and the film feeding is stable and no position offset, Avoid film deviation due to film relaxation then affects bag opening.

2 The seal is strong and beautiful

Two-way folio sealing is used instead of one-way sealing, and the sealing is strong; clips are added at both ends, so the bag sealing part is flattened by the clips before sealing, and the edge sealing is smooth without a wrinkle.

3. No blocking

When the hopper is lowered to the bottom of the bag, there are cylinders on both sides to open the bag, increasing the space for feeding at the bag mouth, and avoiding the blocking of the feeding.

The hopper of a normal machine is only able to stretch up and down like below, without a cylinder device to open a right and left bag like our machine.

4. Easy to adjust

Using the servo system, the machine can automatically adjust the mechanical structure to adapt to different bag widths, which is easy to adjust and saves labor and time. (one hopper for one size range, if out the size range then also need to change hopper)

  1. Bag Support Tray

Main function: By rotating the handle wheel to adjust the height of the Bag Support Tray. It is used for big bags, to bear the weight of products, so that it can avoid the bags being damaged because of the heavy products.


1: Color code. When the film with printing design, with color code positioning, and more accurate sealing, avoid cutting the logo or other information.

2: Punching. After the bag is punched, the gas is discharged, which saves logistics packaging space and prevents the bag from bursting.

3: Coding machine. It can directly print the production date, batch number, graphic logo, barcode, QR code, and other information on the bag.

4: Labeling machine. Stick the production information paper on the packaging bag.

5: Distributor. When 1 set combination scale is used to cooperate with 2 packaging hosts, the distributor can effectively distribute the material weighed by the combination scale to the 2 hosts for packaging.

6: Finished product conveyor belt. Transport the packaged finished bags to the designated table or area.

7: Feeding detection device. When the material needs to be fed manually, the monitoring device will send a signal to the packaging machine when it detects the falling of the material, and the packaging machine will start packaging.

8: Counting device. The counting device includes a visual counting device with a CCD camera, vibrating plate, or other devices to realize automatic counting, and then drop into the hopper for packaging.

9: Stirring device. When the volume of the product part is large, the cylinder barrel device will beat the material to help it fall to the bottom of the bag to avoid the product part stuck in the machine.

10: No film detection device. When the machine lacks film, it will automatically alarm and remind the staff to add film.

11: Air-blowing device. The air-blowing device can assist the bag opening mechanism, making the bag opening more perfect.

12: Pneumatic tray. When the product parts fall to the bottom of the bag, a pneumatic device is added to the normal tray, the tray vibrates, and the product’s part is scattered to the bottom of the bag more evenly, avoiding the product’s part being overhead, so bag length is not enough, cutter seal the products.  Able to pack 17~18kg /bag.

Another kind of tray is integrated with the machine, adjusting the height with a hand wheel.

Mobile casters and fixed cups so it’s convenient to move the machine

13 Feeder with electric eye so it will fully automatically send the material when there is not enough material in the machine hoppers.

14 Visible air compressor dial

15 Universal plug

Advantage VS VFFS Machine

1. PE Film Material, Lower and Eco-friendly

The cost of polyethylene (PE) film is much lower than Laminated film, almost lower than 50%~100%. With Tubular Film, no back sealing, save at least 3% film material. The PE film is tougher than the composite film, and it is not easy to break when packing the sharp hardware.

2. Smaller Space Required

The max bag is 350x500mm, but the machine is very small,1075x1045x1130mm only. While the other VFFS could take space 1800x2000x2200mm, especially for the machine height, short falling distances protect products from damage.

3. Short Changeover Time

No Bag former needed. When changing the new bag width, change the Filmroll only. It will take more than half an hour to change the bag former and install the roll film if using a VFFS machine.

4. Integrate With Other Devices

Able to combine weighing machines, visual counting machines, vibrating bowls, feeding devices, and conveyors as well as a printer, label machine, and end weigher, so save labor cost.

5. Machine cost lower than VFFS machine.

6. The machine is smaller but able to pack a maximum of 18kg in each bag with a support belt.

7 Short distance from parts following position to the bottom of the bag, so protect the product from damage due to high altitude impact.

Customer question & our answer

1. Q: Our customer is still interested but say’s it too expensive! The below machine is  1000USD only.

A: This is totally different machine, it is for light tea or small granules like coffee sugar about 3~10g per bag. We also have this machine, priced from USD$750~1200 according to different modes, but it can’t be used for heavy parts like screws. You can compare the packing machine, totally different, the small one without PLC control, simple film pull system, unable to bear the heavy parts. And accuracy is not good, it is small and very light or easily stuck.

2. Q: Why can’t we use the same feeder as before for these 3 kinds of plastic parts as before? (this is our longtime customer, he order the below feeder before which is a lower cost)

A: For hoppers this feeder is ok, but for weigher, the  Z feeder is better.

3. Q: Is it difficult to adjust the visual counting for every other product?

A: No, the machine able to remember the options,you can choose the previous options you need.

4 Q: Can you suggest the bag material for us?

A: PE tubular bag roll, thickness 30-120um.

Roll dimension

When you confirm bag width pls double confirm this hopper size here so we can ensure that your products will stuck when follow through and into a bag.

5 Q: Do you have a machine print the below information on the box?

A: Sure, pls see the below video. The printer can large-size images like below, which you can directly edit via the printer screen or U disk. Color tape is lower cost than ink which ink printers need and ink printers are normally used for small-range print.

Packing & Shipping

Installation & Operation Video

For more machine details pls check our Visual Counting Machine For Tubular Bag.

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