Auto Mini Doypack Packer Line


Equiped high quality performance various weight filler and mini doypack machine with auto ziplock opener and output conveyor, date printer as option for solid granules, powder, liquid, paste etc Apply for different premade pouch types, such as Custom Packaging Styles flat Bottomed Pouch, Stand Up Pouch, Quad Seal Bag, Flat Pouch – 3 Side Seal Bag, Shaped Pouch, Retort Pouch, Kraft Paper Bags

Bulk material feeding conveyor as option available

Various weight filler such as auger filler, multihead, linear, pistion pump filler, etc.

Supporting stand

Mini Doypack Machine

Output conveyor

Metal detector and weight checker as option

Model :   S1

Bulk material feeding :       screw conveyor, bucket elevator or belt conveyor

Weight filler  :       auger filler, liquid pistion filler, lane weigher, multihead

Supporting stand  :              Full 304 SUS

Pouch packer  :     single station mini doypack machine

Pouch Size:           L 100-300mm W 100-350mm

Speed  :   8-15 pouches per min

Function     :           auto weight, pouch open, fil, seal and output


Available options


feeding conveyor

different weight filler for different material

output conveyor

combo metal detector + checkweigher