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Preparation Work Before Choose Case Erector

Are you looking to optimize your packaging operations? Choosing the right case erector machine is crucial for enhancing efficiency and productivity in your facility. To ensure the smooth operation of the machine, here are some key points to consider:

1. Box Dimensions

Don’t just give a size range but provide specific measurements for each box you require, and as many as there are. For instance, Box 1 measures 500mm in length, 350mm in width, and 210mm in height.Box 2, Box 3……

2. Required Speed

Specify the desired speed because we have many different speed models to choose from. For example, for boxes with dimensions of 500mm x 350mm x 210mm, a speed of 8 boxes per minute is needed.

3. Frequency of Box Size Changes

Indicate how often you need to switch between box sizes. If you frequently change box sizes, consider a machine with servo-driven adjustments for faster transitions. If the frequency per day is little or no manual adjustment of the size of the machine is recommended.

4. Box Orientation

Provide samples or images to confirm the orientation of the boxes. This ensures that the machine is configured correctly for your specific needs.

5. Box Type

Determine whether the boxes are machine-grade or manually assembled. This information helps in selecting the appropriate machine configuration.

Specification for machine-grade cartons

  • Regarding fold lines: 1. For a corrugated cardboard box with a thickness of more than 5 layers, the fold lines should be deep.
    2: For a corrugated cardboard box with a thickness of more than 5 layers, it is preferable for the fold lines on the longer side flaps to be positioned higher than the fold lines on the front and back wider flaps by the thickness of one cardboard layer.
  • Regarding side A:
    1: Side A refers to the front of the box where the box-handling machine’s suction cup attaches.
    2: The printing direction on side A determines the top and bottom of the box.
    3: The determination of printing direction on side A determines the machine’s forming direction (whether it forms to the left or right).
    4: For a machine, the printing direction on side A must be consistent.
    5: Before forming, ensure that side A has no pre-folded creases and that the surface is flat.
  • Regarding material:
    1: The material should not be too soft, and the surface should be flat. It is especially important for high-speed case erectors. If possible, provide samples.
    2: For materials with a thickness of more than 5 layers, samples should be provided for confirmation.
  • Regarding bevel cuts:
    1: Ideally, all flaps inside the cardboard box should have bevel cuts, especially for boxes with a thickness of more than 5 layers and fast production requirements.
    2: The purpose of bevel cuts is to prevent box jamming during forming caused by irregular box construction during nailing or gluing.
    3: The position of the bevel cuts is shown in the diagram. The bevel cut dimensions: H is approximately 1/3 of the height of the front and back inner flaps, and W is approximately 4 times the thickness of the cardboard box.
  • Regarding flaps:
    1: The outer flaps on both sides should not overlap when manually folded and pressed, ensuring a gap of 1-2mm.

2: The front and back inner flaps should also not overlap when folded and pressed. Samples should be provided if overlapping occurs.
3: For square boxes, the dimensions of the front and back inner flaps and the outer flaps are usually the same. Be sure to apply bevel cuts for proper forming.

6. Production Line Layout

If integrating the machine into an existing production line, provide a layout diagram and specify the height of the production line’s table.

For example, as follows, the case erector machine should be configured for right-to-left box entry and exit, with the production line’s table at a height of 650mm.

By considering these factors and providing detailed information, you can streamline your packaging process and maximize the efficiency of your operations. Choose a case erector machine that meets your specific requirements and enhances your overall productivity.

For further assistance or to explore our range of case erector machines, please contact us today. Let us help you take your packaging operations to the next level.

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