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  • Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines Sleeve Sealers

    The automatic Sleeve Shrink Wrap Machine is made to wrap heavy products with thick film. The finished packaging has two open ends on each side which are referred to as “bullseyes”, so we also call the machine Automatic shrink bundling machines. Standard products packaged with a shrink bundling machine include firewood, canned goods, cases of water bottles, metal products, tool cases, and more. The machine can carry out two-row, three-row, or four-row shrink packaging with or without bottom support,like10 bottles (1 × 10), (2 × 5), 9 bottles (3 × 3), 12 bottles (3 × 4), 15 bottles (3 × 5), 24 bottles (4 × 6).

  • Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines L Bar Sealers

    Automatic L Sealer heat shrink wrap machine are widely used in the assembly line of mass production and packaging. It uses an electronic eye to detect products when they pass through the conveyor. After a product passes the sealing arm, the seals fully enclose the product in shrink film. After the seal, products continue to pass into the shrink tunnel. The shrink tunnel machine has recirculating heat to shrink the film to the product evenly. Fully wrapped products exit the tunnel, and the film is conformed tightly to the product.

  • Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines Side Sealers

    Automatic Side Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine uses an electronic eye to detect products as they pass through on the conveyor. After products pass, a single-sealing arm running perpendicular to the film closes behind the product. As the product continues to pass to the conveyor, a side sealing wheel makes the final seal enclose the product. The advantage of the side seal machine comes from the ability to wrap longer products. The width of the product is limited to the verticle sealing bar, but the length can be as long as needed. A perfect option for shrink wrapping molding, pipes, wood, and other elongated items.

  • High-speed Automatic Flow Shrink Wrap Machine

    Compared to the traditional shrink wrapper, our Flow Shrink Wrapping machine’s main features are high speed and less material waste, the speed has increased by 2-10 times, and you can save labor costs and time, it is suitable for bowl noodles, milk tea, cup products, frozen products, food boxes, cosmetics, clinker bottles, coil incense, and another shrink packaging.